This Brit Couple Were The Only Ones On A Firefly Flight From Krabi To Penang!

They looked like they had so much fun!

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A British couple had a time of their life when they were treated to a rare opportunity that every traveller wished they could have

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Last week, Kyle McNicol and Carrie Fisher were going to fly to Penang in Malaysia from Krabi, Thailand.

The couple from North Yorkshire, England had booked a flight with low-cost carrier Firefly, a subsidiary of Malaysia Airlines.

On that fateful day, they had a once in a lifetime chance to enjoy a "private flight" with the commercial airline.

As it turns out, the lucky duo were the only ones on the flight that day!

The couple, who are both 28, were delighted to learn that the unexpected turn of events resulted in an exclusive, private flight with VIP treatment.

Somehow, no one else showed up for the flight.

They were really shocked as they were equally surprised and couldn't believe that they were able to board the flight and fly solo.

While they were being obnoxious about their "private flight" earlier, everyone else seemed to have a good laugh about it

Kyle and Carrie were rather confused as the ground staff at the Krabi airport seemed to be tickled by something, but they had no clue about it.

When they checked-in for their flight, the staff laughed and told them it was going to be a "very special flight".

When they got to the customs, the two men checking their passports laughed too and said, 'Oh, just you two', a remark which came off as a little odd since they had no idea about what was going on.

They finally realised something was amiss when they boarded the bus that took them to their flight. They were alone and on their way to their "private plane".

Image via Carrie Fisher
Image via Carrie Fisher

"The cabin crew felt just as awkward as we did to start with, it was the first time that it happened to them too," Carrie noted on her blog about the VIP experience.

She said that it was one of the best flights she has ever been on, adding that the crew was brilliant.

Though it was just a two of them, it was business as usual, as the flight attendant still went through the safety briefing before take-off.

Needless to say, the couple were extremely happy and took the opportunity to make the most out of the limited time they had

Image via Carrie Fisher

"We asked where we could sit and were told we could sit anywhere, run up and down just don’t jump," Carrie told Metro.

This was when they decided to take full advantage of the situation and have some fun. The couple decided to run up and down the aisle, and Kyle even did his signature dance move, "the slug".

"For those that don’t know, he basically just slides along the floor with his bum in the air," Carrie said.

Their excitement was cut short because they landed in Penang after 1 hour and 10 minutes but nevertheless, they will surely remember this experience for a long time

Image via Carrie Fisher

"As we stepped off the plane in Penang, the ground staff started laughing at us. Another lady escorted us to immigration, where again they laughed and asked us about our solo flight," Carried said.

Carrie, who clearly enjoyed being treated like a real VIP, joked that she was shocked that someone did not collect their lonely bags off the carousel for them when they arrived in Penang.

According to Kyle's latest update on Instagram, the duo have made their way to the BOH Tea Plantation in Cameron Highlands yesterday, 7 September

It was reported that Carrie had left her job to travel for a year.

For the last five months, the couple have been travelling around Asia together, and have already visited destinations like Japan, China and Vietnam.

You may follow their travel adventure on their blog here as they have been posting updates on their site as they go.

Meanwhile, feel free to ask for these things on your next flight:

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