A Pahang Mother And Her 4-Month-Old Baby Were Injured After A 1KG Durian Fell On Them

The mother was taking a stroll with her baby around their home.

Cover image via Harian Metro & Banggood (edited)

In an incident that happened a couple of days back, a mother and her four-month-old baby were injured after a falling durian hit them

The mother was carrying her son, Megat Muhammad Kays, in her arms on 31 July when a durian from a tree beside her house in Jengka, Pahang fell on her.

The roughly one-kilogram durian then bounced off onto the boy's head.

While the baby sustained injuries on the side of his face, the mother was more seriously injured and sustained bruises on her chest from the fruit's thorns.

While both of them were rushed to Jengka Hospital, the baby has since been discharged and is as active as ever, his father said

The father, Megat Zarulfais Megat Kamaruddin, explained that his wife had heard the sound of the falling durian hitting the tree's branches and tried to run away. She, however, could not escape the falling durian, reported Harian Metro.

"But it is the fate of Allah Almighty that the fruit fell onto my wife and child," he said, adding that his wife had not gone in search of durians.

"It was just a coincidence that the tree is located next to the house."

According to the father, despite the incident, it was a lucky escape for the baby.

"The durian fell on my wife first, then it bounced on to my baby. If it fell directly on top of my son's head, he might have suffered an even worse injury than this," he said.

Image via Harian Metro

After the news broke about the incident, people on the Internet had accused the mother bringing the baby to a durian orchard

However, Kamaruddin defended his wife, Norfarahan Baharuddin, saying she was taking a stroll outside their house to calm down the baby who was crying.

"I accept that people are criticising because they may not know the true story. I thank them for praying for Megat Muhammad Kays to recover quickly," he said.

I consider this incident a test for our family.
Megat Zarulfais Megat Kamaruddin.

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