This Uncle Who's Struggling To Sell His RM3 Porridge Is Breaking Hearts On The Internet

He often waits three or four hours between each customer visit.

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The story of a 78-year-old porridge seller in Bangkok, Thailand has gone viral on social media

Max Udomsak's Facebook post about the elderly man, which was posted on 26 July, has garnered 11,000 shares at the time of writing.

According to the netizen, he has to work to make ends meet on his own as his wife and children passed away two years ago.

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Rain or shine, the widower sells pork porridge for THB20 (RM2.70), or THB25 (RM3.38) with an added egg, every day starting from 3am

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Despite his stall being open until late at night, business has not been good as the man struggles to sell more than one a day.

The post revealed that he often waits three or four hours between each customer visit.

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However, Max raved about the man's porridge, calling them "very delicious" especially considering the low price.

He also praised the seller for his efforts and asked netizens in the area to "please help and support" the man by buying his food.

Without a stable income, the elderly man cannot afford a proper home. He currently lives in an old burnt down house, with tarps placed over it.

The tarps do not protect him from rain.

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When he needs to shower, the widower sneaks into the empty house next to him to use the bathroom, but the landlord chases him away.

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In the post, a bank account number was provided for those who want to help the elderly man in any way they can.

Fortunately, Max's post garnered so much attention online that netizens flooded the comments section to say that they donated and urged others to do the same

Image via Facebook
Image via Facebook

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