A Woman Was Allegedly Assaulted And Threatened By A Hairstylist In Shah Alam

A number of netizens have also come forward to share their experiences with the same hairstylist.

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Recently, a Twitter thread regarding a woman's bad experience at a hair salon in Shah Alam went viral

On Sunday, 15 September, the Twitter user who shall be known as 'Sara' wrote, "The people from the salon literally just called and harassed me, telling me I'm an evil woman."

Sara also claimed that the employee from the salon had been relentlessly harassing her.

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The thread has now garnered 2,900 retweets and 1,400 likes.

Sara's ordeal began in February when her visit to the salon nearly ended in a fight after the employee started getting aggressive.

Fearing for her safety, she immediately left the salon.

On Wednesday, 13 February, Sara shared that she had gone to the salon for a hair treatment. However, the employees behaved unprofessionally and made her feel uncomfortable.

In a series of tweets, she explained that the hairstylist spent time washing her own hair and ignored customers.

The employees also allegedly insulted customers to their face.

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Sara wrote that when confronted, one of the employees then broke out in anger and physically assaulted her. 

Fearing that the situation would escalate, Sara ran out of the salon without finishing her session.

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Months after, the employee has continued to harass Sara by calling her from various phone numbers

Sara told SAYS that she recently received a threatening text message from an unknown number.

The message said, "Don't make me come to your house."

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The hairstylist also scattered insults all over Sara's Instagram page.

Image via Twitter
Image via Twitter

A number of netizens have also come forward to share their experiences with the same hairstylist

A Twitter user said, "I've been there before. If I could, I'd rate them negative. Definitely boycotting."

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"Babe! I experienced the same thing! They lack professionalism and they don't even know what they're doing. I did hair relaxing but I had to come back again because some parts are straight and some aren't," said another netizen.

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Another person shared,"I once did my hair there with a friend and they honestly didn't look like they knew what they were doing. They acted so unprofessional too. The place doesn't even look like a salon."

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Sara has since filed a police report. Meanwhile, the salon has refused to comment on the situation.

SAYS reached out to the salon for a statement but the writer's account was blocked.

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