Dedicated Policeman Clings On To Windscreen In An Attempt To Stop Driver From Escaping

The driver refused to pay a parking fine.

Cover image via Instagram @jktinfo

A police officer was recently captured in a video clinging on to a car windshield as the driver attempted to escape paying a parking fine

On Monday, 16 September, police officer Chief Brig Eka Setiawan was seen holding on to the windshield of a car in Pasar Minggu, South Jakarta.

According to The Jakarta Post, a video of the incident made its rounds on social media.

Police of South Jakarta Transportation Agency raided an illegal parking area and found a dark grey vehicle parked on the side of the road

They asked the driver, identified as Tavipuddin, for the documents of the car.

However, Tavipuddin refused to cooperate and attempted to flee the scene instead.

The officers then tried to stop the vehicle with their tow truck.

Refusing to let him get away, officer Eka clung on to the windscreen of the car while the owner drove away

"Our officer told the driver to stop, but he continued for about 200m and only stopped after hitting a car in front," South Jakarta Traffic Police chief Comr Lilik Sumardi said, Warta Kota reported.

Fortunately, Eka was not injured. But the driver's failed escape plan still landed him with a fine.

He was ticketed according to Article 287 of Law No. 22/2009 on traffic for disobeying traffic law.

In addition, The Jakarta Post reported that the driver was charged under Indonesia's Article 212 of the Criminal Code for disobeying a police officer on duty.

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