Teenage Girl Crashes Her Motorcycle Into A Thief Who Tried To Steal Her Phone

The 15-year-old girl was seen walking away from the crash with a bloodied nose.

Cover image via Tribun News

15-year-old Febrian Alia has become an Internet celebrity after she recently slammed her motorcycle into a thief, who tried to steal her phone

Image via Febrian Alia

According to Tribun News via Coconuts, the young Indonesian girl was going to get cash from an ATM machine at 11am on Friday, 22 February, when the thief showed up.

Oblivious to the fact that he was messing with the wrong girl, the suspect grabbed her phone and sped off on his motorcycle.

Without a second thought, Alia hopped onto her motorcycle and began to chase him

The high school student caught up with the suspect and crashed her motorcycle into him, causing the man to fall off his bike.

Noticing the incident, local residents rushed to help her and prevent the man from escaping.

Video footage posted by Tribun News showed the girl walking away from the crash with a bloodied nose.

Image via Tribun News

According to local police, the suspect will likely be imprisoned for several months for his actions

Tribun News revealed that this isn't the first time that the thief, known as K.Y., had been caught for stealing things, as he was previously in jail for stealing helmets and cars.

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