Man Yells At Govt Staff For Telling Him To "Come Back After Lunch" Despite 4-Hour Wait

He was allegedly told that they were lacking manpower to man the counters.

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A video that went viral earlier today, 27 February, shows a man scolding staff at a government office after he was allegedly told to come back after lunch

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The video, which has made rounds on WhatsApp, Twitter, and even Facebook, shows a man - clad in a white long-sleeved shirt and tan brown pants - telling off counter staff in Bahasa Malaysia.

During his rant, the man can be heard saying that he took his number at 10.30am.

It is believed that at the time of the video, it was already 2pm and he had been waiting for nearly four hours.

The man can also be heard telling the staff to add more people to the counters

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"You should add more people. Not my problem, I'm paying!" the man said.

He adds that if he does not have the document that he was there to apply for, then he will be caught by authorities.

Later in the video, a female staff member is seen approaching him and he asks her, "How many times do you want me to come back?"

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"Go back and forth, back and forth, how many times?" the man can be heard saying, implying that he had been there a few times to make an application.

"Don't make me explode!" he screams, as his companion tries to bring him away.

The viral incident has prompted many netizens to also share their unhappy experiences dealing with civil servants

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Road Transport Department (JPJ) has since released a series of tweets on its official Twitter account clarifying that the incident did not happen at any of its branches

"JPJ views seriously a 43-second video clip that has been viral on social media and WhatsApp application since last night (26 February) regarding an incident of a clash at a counter where the individual in the video cursed at the counter staff on duty," it wrote on Twitter.

"Further investigations have found that the situation did not happen at any JPJ premise or office as claimed."

Several netizens have also claimed that the incident allegedly happened at a Land Public Transport Agency (APAD) office.

Watch a video of the incident here:

Minta info selanjut..siapa tau kes..dengar cete kt pejabat APAD...

Posted by Azli Sham on Tuesday, 26 February 2019

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