[VIDEO] Local Online Sellers Screamed At A Customer On FB Live For Cancelling An Order

One of them has since apologised for losing her cool.

Cover image via 华人网

Two Malaysian owners of an online shop have recently come under fire for screaming at a customer who allegedly cancelled her order on Facebook Live

"Can you please not cancel your order?" the woman, clad in a red playsuit, began screaming in the video posted yesterday, 26 February. 

"I put in so much effort to try on the clothes for you and now you want to cancel!" she added. 

Image via 华人网

Meanwhile, the woman in black also chided the customer for allegedly cancelling an order.

"C#[email protected]!" she was heard screaming in the video.

When told that her attitude was scaring away customers, the woman in red gave a rude reply

"I scared you? Die already or not? Have you bought your coffin?" she said in the video. 

"Don't order from us if you're scared of us!" she added.

Image via 华人网

Later in the video, she yelled at the customer again, before angrily throwing an iPhone to the ground.

"Don't dare to order? Then don't watch (us)!" she yelled.

Image via 华人网

Despite backlash from netizens, the duo stood their ground on screaming at the customer

"If you didn't piss us off, we wouldn't have lost our cool... People who know me well will know that I won't simply scold anyone," one of them said in the video.

"Gangsters? I know them. What do you want to use on me? I have connections on both sides of the law," she added.

"I am really angry," the woman said.

The woman clad in red has since issued an apology to the customer after the latter called her out on her rude behaviour

"I want to apologise to the customer. I said something I shouldn't have due to my bad temper, and I want to apologise for that," she said in the video.

"I'm really sorry, please forgive me," she added.

A check conducted by SAYS found that the online shop operated by the duo has been removed from Facebook.

You can watch the Facebook Live video in full here

NOTE: Do turn down your volume as it may get loud.

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