This Man Tried To Steal A Gold Chain But Forgot That The Staff Can Auto-Lock The Door

The thief can be seen trudging back to the counter with a sheepish smile.

Cover image via New York Post

A 27-year-old man in Thailand who recently tried to steal a gold chain from a store was forced to learn a very hard lesson

Suphachai Panthong was caught on CCTV walking into a jewellery shop in Chonburi, Thailand looking for a new chain to wear last Friday, 30 November, reported Pattayaone News.

Thinking he had a brilliant plan, the thief decided to try on one of the gold chains and sprint out of the store wearing it

But he was out-smarted by the store owner

41-year-old owner Jarae Nitikarun had auto-locked the door remotely preventing Panthong from escaping.

Image via New York Post

In his short walk of shame, the thief was seen trudging back to the counter with a sheepish smile and returning the gold chain to the owner before waiting for police to arrive.

Image via Viral Press
Image via Viral Press

Panthong later confessed to the cops that he was recently terminated from his job at a factory and was struggling to find other sources of income

"I arrived on a motorcycle and walked into the shop. I didn't have any weapons. I just wanted to make extra money because I lost my job recently," he said, reported Daily Mail.

He is now facing multiple charges and potentially several years in jail.

Image via New York Post

You can watch the full video below:

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