A S'porean Man Allegedly Faked His Own Death To Avoid Paying A RM79,000 Debt To His Friend

He posted his "death" announcement on his Instagram account.

Cover image via Abigail Lee/Facebook (Edited by SAYS)

Here's a horror story that may make you never want to lend money to friends anymore.

A "soft-hearted" Singaporean girl went through months of chasing after a guy who had borrowed SGD26,000 (RM79,000) from her.

The issue came to light after the girl's friend - who goes by "Abigail Lee" on Facebook - made a public post to warn people about the borrower.

"I'm posting this to help a close friend of mine. She is too soft-hearted to do anything to harm him but I think I should help her out and also warn you all about this guy," Lee wrote.

A photo that was attached to the post, supposedly of the guy.

Image via Abigail Lee/Facebook (Edited by SAYS)

For the purpose of this article, the guy shall be named as "Teng".

The post, which went up on 12 December, has received 3,600 shares to date. 

Lee, who admitted that her friend was "dumb" for lending money to someone she barely knows, explained that Teng claimed he lost his wallet on his trip back from Korea

"She, being the ever innocent and naive girl, offered to help. She was prompt when he asked to borrow money from her, and helped him when he needed," Lee wrote.

"He promised to return [the money to] her asap like tmr or like day after [sic] but it got dragged till now."

Screenshots attached to the post showed that Lee's friend had been asking for her money since October.

Other screenshots in the post showed the numerous times Teng promised to return the money but backed out at the last moment

The screenshots were presumedly taken at different times and are not arranged in chronological order.

"Time after time he had said that he's going to return [the money], assuring her that he has the money with him, saying he will drive over or cab over to pass to her even when he's drunk (just to guilt trip her, maybe?), none of it ever happened," Lee wrote.

"She trusted him again and again, only to be disappointed every single time. She has never ever made him feel bad for the sum of money she lent him why do he have to make her beg for her money in return?"

Lee said her friend even had to work a part-time job while studying and borrowed money from her friends to pay off her debts

"But there he is drinking whenever [he] can and telling her to 'hold on' every single time she tried to get to [him]. Just how bad can he be?"

Addressing Teng, Lee said, "I believe she has given you enough time and chances to return her money. Every single time you said you would [but] something would happen last min [sic] and [the repayment] doesn't happen.

"I have no choice but to escalate this to the public, and also the authorities. I'm tired of you breaching your empty promises to her."

People commented on Lee's post and also shared about their own experiences with Teng

"This is the guy I mention to you, lend him $300 (RM900) few years ago and didn't return [to] me and keep say[ing] he went to bank etc to transfer to me but didn't! I see him [sic] is my primary school classmate and trusted him but end up he till now no return and go borrow a big sum from others."

"Eh? I thought this guy some rich fella? Asking my wife to 'invest' in some lil shit business he had when it's so obvious he's tryna scam my wife. Luckily I stepped in and expose his lil deeds to him and told him to F off. But like all 'Poor Act Rich' his ego got hurt and started scolding us stating we don't have a business mindset, we're kids and what not."

However, the cherry to top this absurd situation came in the form of this comment:

Here's a closer look at the image:

The photo shows a "death" announcement that was put up on Teng's own Instagram account.

The text reads, "Hey all, [Teng] has pass on at 12.35am today. He has been fighting for almost 20 hours and he couldn't do it anymore. If you guys are his friend please visit him for the last. I'll update you guys where the funeral will be at. Thank you very much."

However, this comment that was captured by suggests that Teng had faked his whole death:

Image via

The account seems to have been deleted following the exposé. 

SAYS has reached out to Lee for updates on this whole saga, but have yet to receive any comment.

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