Netizens Are Furious At This Singaporean Online Store Claiming That It Sells 'Legal' Ivory

Ivory Lane also claimed that the ivory it uses is "completely legal in Singapore".

Cover image via Ivory Lane/Instagram (edited)

Ivory Lane, a new Singapore-based online store, sells "vintage" jewellery made from ivory

Screenshot of Ivory Lane's website.

Image via Ivory Lane

The company is founded by Ivy Chng, a Singaporean who claims to have interacted with many Asian and African tribes after travelling across parts of the two continents for 12 years. 

She came up with the controversial business idea after allegedly inheriting "rare and vintage ivory jewellery" from her great, great grandmother. 

Ivy added that her true purpose is to continue inspiring people to "stay true to their roots".

Prices of Ivory Lane's products range between SGD160 (approximately RM478) to SGD800 (approximately RM2,388)

Ivory Lane's products

Image via Ivory Lane

According to its website, every "signature" piece sold on Ivory Lane is meant to be preserved and passed over generations "as a symbol of originality and heritage". 

The SGD800 (approximately RM2,388) ivory necklace.

Image via Ivory Lane

The new store began attracting criticism from netizens after pictures of elephants were posted on its Instagram account

One netizen criticised Ivory Lane for posting pictures of elephants while it capitalises on selling ivory products.

Image via Instagram

Another netizen also called Ivory Lane "inhumane and cruel" for profiting from the suffering of elephants. 

Image via Instagram

"All ivory is still cruelly obtained and here you (Ivory Lane) are trying to make something like this a fad," one netizen added. 

Image via Instagram

The store then issued a statement on Facebook to reiterate the legality of the ivory used in its products

Ivory Lane claimed that their ivories are legal in Singapore, before adding that they were sourced from the "natural environments of central Africa" before 1990.

According to Smithsonian, the commercial trade of ivory has been banned across the world since 1990. 

Ivy Chng added that the store does not import ivory into Singapore. 

However, Ivy's statement only added fuel to the fire

One netizen responded to her Facebook statement sarcastically. 

Image via Facebook

Another netizen criticised Ivy for using her statement to justify ivory trade.

Image via Facebook

One netizen also said that ivories sourced from before 1990 do not justify the trade.

Image via Facebook

You can read Ivory Lane's statement in full here:

What do you think about the legality of selling ivory from before 1990? Let us know in the comments below.

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