A Teenager Arrested For Theft Was Relieved To Go To Jail Because Of The "Free Food"

This will be his third time in prison.

Cover image via Vagabonding Life & Radar Bali

A 19-year-old from Bululeng, Indonesia, will be going to prison for the third time after being found guilty of theft

Image via Radar Bali

Police had been chasing Gede Kama, who stole three mobile phones from three different residences, for six days when they finally found and arrested him on 20 January, Coconuts Bali reported.

He is facing a sentence of up to five years imprisonment.

The unemployed teenager admitted that he was relieved to be jailed because it meant not having to worry about finding the money to feed himself

"I'm happy because I can get rice," he told reporters outside the Buleleng Police Headquarters on Tuesday, 24 January.

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Image via Vagabonding Life

On his motives for the thefts, Kama simply admitted that "smartphones have good cameras for taking selfies"

Image via Tribun Bali

Police revealed that the 19-year-old was a proficient thief who was skilled at casing homes to steal from.

"In front of the media, he claimed the cellphones to have been stolen for selfies. In fact, they had been sold at HP counters in Busungbiu," said Police Chief Commissioner I Made Agus Dwi Wirawan, according to Tribun Bali.

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