A Teacher Fractured This 13-Year-Old's Right Hand By Repeatedly Hitting Her With A Chair

Her father is saddened by the incident.

Cover image via Bernama

Teachers are supposed to impart knowledge, not fear.

However, one Form One girl from a school in Baling in Kedah, experienced exactly that when her teacher repeatedly hit her with a chair last Monday, 4 April, fracturing her right hand.

Image via Bernama

Seen in the photo above is 13-year-old Farah Izzati Mohd Rohaizad with her parents and the police report they lodged against the teacher in Baling on 6 April.

According to a report in The Malay Mail, Farah and her friends, Siti Farhana Mohd Ayub and Irdina Safiyya Amran, all aged 13, were called by an ustaz (teacher) to the dining hall to recite the Quran at 8.30pm. However, as Farah was taking a chair nearby, the ustaz suddenly threw a plastic chair hitting her at her waist.

Farah, who sought treatment at the Baling Hospital, said:

"When the ustaz found there was no Quran in front of me, he hit me twice on the head with a chair but I raised my hand to fend off the blows which left two bones on the back of my right palm to be fractured."

Farah's father Mohd Rohaizad Abdullah is saddened by the incident and has lodged a police report. Baling District Police Chief, Supt Sharifuddin Yusof told Bernama that the case is under investigation.

Last year, a 9-year-old was physically abused by her class teacher for drinking water without permission during class:

The Malaysian education system is long overdue for a major overhaul, and in doing so, there are many lessons the country can learn from Scandinavian countries like Finland: