A Woman And Her Nephew Were Attacked At AEON Mall Using Chilli Liquid By A Female Thief

The incident happened on Friday.

Cover image via Diana/Facebook

In a Facebook post, that has gone viral since it was posted on Friday night, a shopper at the AEON Taman Maluri in Cheras has shared how a woman and her nephew were attacked by a female thief using chilli liquid while they were in the parking lot of the mall

Diana Abdullah, who uploaded the post on her Facebook account, shared how she came across the incident while she was entering the parking lot.

"I saw a commotion and decided to see what was happening. This woman poured chilli liquid all over a lady, who was getting into her car," Diana wrote.

The lady was drenched with chilli which was burning her skin. Her little nephew too had bits of the chilli on him and was feeling the stinking sensation, she added.

Sasha the lady who was attacked with chilli liquid.

Image via Diana Abdullah

The incident reportedly took place at 7pm

The suspect, who is said to be 34 years old and is an Indonesian, was apprehended by a kind Samaritan who was at the scene during the incident.

According to Diana, once mall security personnel came, Sasha, the victim, asked her if she could accompany her to make a police report. "At the police station, the police advised Sasha to go to the hospital first as her skin was red all over," she wrote.

"We then went back to the parking (lot), and I helped her to clean her car seat. Sasha then went to HUKM (Hospital Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia)," read Diana's Facebook post, in which she added that she bought some food for them.

At HUKM, once Sasha's relatives arrived, Diana decided to leave for her place.

Diana later posted an update on her Facebook saying that Sasha suffered first-degree burns on her skin. However, both she and her nephew were doing ok now.

The chilli-induced liquid spread all over Sasha's car.

Image via Diana Abdullah

Police later arrested the Indonesia woman based on Diana's post

According to a report in The Star Online, Cheras OCPD Assistant Commissnor Mohamed Mokhsein Mohamed Zon said the suspect was arrested following reports that she had allegedly attacked a woman in the parking lot of the mall on Friday.

"We have arrested the suspect. She has been remanded for 14 days," he said.

The suspect

Image via Diana Abdullah

The Indonesia woman, Diana added in her post, is in the country without a permit and had robbed a pregnant lady the same morning

According to her Facebook post, AEON security told her so and also showed her the CCTV footage in which the suspect was caught in blue baju kurung.

Diana also warned others to be careful in car parks.

Speaking of which, just last month Malaysians were warned to be careful of their belongings while flying because "criminals are everywhere", even onboard the business class of Malaysia Airlines:

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