A Woman Who Was Raped At Her Home Killed Her Rapist By Dragging Him Into Fire

The incident happened in eastern India earlier this week.

Cover image via Indian Express & Times Now News (edited)

In an incident that happened in eastern India this week, a woman killed a man after he allegedly raped and set her ablaze. The woman, while still on fire, grabbed and dragged him into the flames.

While the woman is being treated for burn injuries on her face and hands at the Malda Medical College and Hospital, the 35-year-old man succumbed on Tuesday, 5 March.

Image via Siliguri Times

According to police, the woman said that the accused used to disturb her and entered her house on Monday when she was alone

In her statement to the police, the woman, who is a widow and has three daughters, claimed that the man raped her and set her on fire by pouring kerosene on her body.

At which point, the woman grabbed him tightly and dragged him into the flames.

Neighbours, who noticed the smoke, found both of them on fire inside the house.

According to a report in, police found a jar of kerosene in the room.

The District Superintendent of Police (DCP), Arnab Ghosh, said that they are investigating the case from all angles

The reason, he said, is because some of the woman's neighbours have claimed that the 35-year-old man visited her house often, reported Outlook.

Image via Newsbazar24

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