Actress Ellie Suriaty's 2 Kids & Friend Lodge Police Reports To Refuse COVID-19 Vaccine

The two kids, aged 17 to 12, are students. They lodged the police reports along with their friend to refuse to be vaccinated after they received a letter from their school asking them to register for the COVID-19 vaccine.

Cover image via @MalaysiaGazette (Twitter)

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On Monday, 30 August, two siblings along with one of their friends lodged police reports in Ampang to refuse the COVID-19 vaccine

The three are students, who were asked by their school to register for the vaccine earlier this month.

Of the three, two are aged 17, while one is aged 12.

17-year-old Azrell Omar and 12-year-old Nur Azreen Omar are the children of local actress and director Ellie Suriaty Omar. Meanwhile, the third student is Muhammad Hanif Haikal Jeffery.

They spoke to the media after lodging the reports at the Taman Melawati police station yesterday.

Azrell and Nur Azreen were accompanied by their mother, Ellie, reported Harian Metro.

The three students with Ellie in green.

Image via @MalaysiaGazette (Twitter)

New Straits Times reported that Ampang police chief ACP Mohamad Farouk Eshak has confirmed receiving the report.

Ellie's son said that he, his sister, and their friend decided to lodge the police reports after the school told the students that no one will be held responsible in the event of any side effects from the vaccine

"So, far, (the school) did not say any action will be taken against those who decide not to take the vaccine," Harian Metro quoted Azrell as saying, who added that all his family members have yet to be vaccinated.

Azrell claims that no one has influenced or forced him to lodge the police report and that it was done in the soundness of his own judgement after evaluating available information.

"I've collected all the information related to the vaccine and COVID-19 from the Internet including reading news from abroad as well as information from my mother, family members, and acquaintances," he said.

"Based on this, I have decided not to take the vaccine."

According to the 17-year-old student, if it's his own responsibility for whatever may happen to him after taking the vaccine, then he has the right to reject becoming "a test subject" by taking the vaccine

"I am a physically fit student and am not willing to take any risks which could harm my body through the injection of this vaccine which is still in the clinical trial stage," Azrell claimed.

For the record, no vaccine being given in Malaysia is under the clinical trial stage, and only the ones approved by the National Pharmaceutical Regulatory Agency (NPRA) are administered to people.

He went on to say that he is not willing to risk his life to be a test subject, while wrongly claiming that there are "various methods" to prevent COVID-19, such as "holistic homoeopathic medicine" among others.

The student also claimed that the "sunnah foods", said to be taken by the Prophet Mohammed, that his family consumes protects them against COVID-19 infection.

For the record, there is no evidence to suggest that "holistic homoeopathic medicine" can help prevent COVID-19 infection, nor is any homoeopathy medicine a substitute for oxygen.

Recently, there have been several reports about people including hundreds of teachers and one soldier refusing to be vaccinated.

While some cite chronic illness, others have said no because of doubts:

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