Actress Files Report Against Ex-Husband For Saying Her Genitalia Smelled Like Salted Fish

He also said that the couple's sexual intercourse "usually lasted 15 minutes".

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On 15 June, Indonesian soap opera actor Galih Ginanjar appeared as a guest on TV presenter Rey Utami's YouTube channel

Galih Ginanjar (left) with Rey Utami (right) in her YouTube video.

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In the now-viral video, Rey asked Galih about his personal life, including his marriage to actress Fairuz A Rafiq, Coconuts Jakarta reported.

The couple, who have a son together, have been divorced since 2015.

Galih Ginanjar, Fairuz A Rafiq, and their son.

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While speaking about his relationship with his ex-wife, Galih shared that her genitalia smelled like "salted fish"

He also divulged that the couple's sexual intercourse "usually lasted 15 minutes", which made Rey laugh uncontrollably. 

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Fairuz and her husband, actor Sonny Septian, filed a police report against Galih and Rey on 1 July for spreading "immoral content"

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The couple went to the Jakarta Metro Police HQ with celebrity attorney Hotman Paris Hutapea.

"Fairuz will rise. The laws on harassment against women have been very weak for too long!" Hotman wrote in an Instagram post.

In a statement to reporters read by her sister, Fairuz said she was hurt by her ex-husband's "immoral words"

Sonny Septian (left) and Fairuz A Rafiq (second from left), while her sister Ranny Fadh Arafiq read her statement.

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"Those immoral words have badly hurt Fairuz's heart as well as all Indonesian women, and they have brought great shame to my husband and my family," she said.

"What made it hurt even more was that the [YouTube] account owners, Rey Utami and Benua, were laughing while spreading the immoral content, by encouraging everyone to subscribe and publish it as many times as possible to increase their subscriber count," she added.

Fairuz's police report against Galih falls under Article 29 verse 1 UU ITE

If found guilty, the actor may face up to six years imprisonment

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