Woman Lost Her Medical License Because She Posted "Sexy" Modelling Photos Online

"Society doesn't own women's bodies. My body, my right."

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29-year-old Nang Mwe San from Myanmar was stripped of her medical license after posting "sexy" photos on Instagram and Facebook

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The photos are from the Burmese woman's modelling career, which she started two years ago, NextShark reported.

She had spent years working for various non-profit medical groups before deciding to halt her medical career in order to pursue modelling more seriously.

In January, the Myanmar Medical Council allegedly approached her stating that her racy photos were not in compliance with "traditional Myanmar culture"

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The council cited a broadly worded rule giving it the power to revoke the license of anyone unable to carry out his or her duties "in accordance with the qualifications of a medical practitioner".

"They didn't call me a model. Instead, they told me I have a behaviour disorder," she told The New York Times.

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She was then forced to sign an agreement stating that she must remove the risqué photos or risk losing her license.

After ignoring the warnings, the woman's license was officially revoked on 3 June.

San maintained that she was always appropriately dressed when working as a doctor.

"Here there is so much sexism... They don't want women to have higher positions. And they judge women on what we wear," she said.

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According to The New York Times, the medical council that revoked the doctor's license is comprised of 11 men and two women.

It was reported that women in medical school in Myanmar have claimed that they are expected to obtain higher grades compared to their male counterparts just to be admitted.

San also revealed that she made more money as a model than she did as a physician.

The 29-year-old plans to appeal the ruling so that she can return to her medical career someday

"Society doesn't own women's bodies. My body, my right," she wrote on Facebook.

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Meanwhile, women in Malaysia are often told to dress appropriately to avoid rape and sexual harassment:

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