Actress Highlights The Issue Of Urine-Smelling Lifts In A Housing Project For The Poor

"I have to hold my breath and sometimes have to endure the foul stench of urine."

Cover image via Haneesya Sayed Sahlan

Malaysian actress Haneesya Hanee, who stays in a PPRT (Housing Project for the Hardcore Poor) flat, says she has to hold her breath whenever she takes the lifts at home because they smell of urine

I swear I don’t get why one would urinate in the lifts.

"From the top floor to the ground floor, I have to hold my breath and sometimes have to endure the foul stench of urine," the 18-year-old former winner of the Dewi Remaja beauty contest said in a tweet Thursday, adding that she was staying in a house meant for the poor and that her pet peeve about living there was the stench of urine in the lifts.

According to Haneesya, while people living in the housing project have complained and made reports about the urine in lifts, miscreants peeing in the lifts just won't stop relieve themselves

Her tweet has since gone viral

At the time of writing, Haneesya's tweet has been retweeted over 1.5k times.

While most replies to her tweet were negative and critical of the actress, there were some who echoed her sentiments, telling her to move to a better place.

The young beauty queen came to limelight earlier this year after her Dewi Remaja title was revoked following a video that showed her and her fellow finalists drinking and partying at a nightclub

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