ADUN Laments Authorities' Decision To Put Down Roaming Wild Boar Instead Of Catching It

A wild boar was shot dead by authorities after it was spotted wandering around Pulau Tikus and Gurney Drive in Penang today, 15 October.

Cover image via Facebook

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Pulau Tikus state assemblyperson (ADUN) Chris Lee Chun Kit has expressed his disappointment with the local wildlife authorities' decision to put down a roaming wild boar instead of capturing it

In a Facebook post published today, 15 October, Lee said the Wildlife and National Parks Department (Perhilitan) should have exhausted all avenues to preserve the wild boar before coming to the decision to put it down.

"It is unfortunate that Jabatan Perhilitan decided that putting the boar down was the best action due to safety reasons. All avenues to preserve life should be explored before this decision is ever made," he said.

"We have worked so hard to ensure state agencies are treating stray dogs humanely with the trap-neuter-release programs in cooperation with IAPWA (International Aid for the Protection & Welfare of Animals), why can't federal agencies do the same?"

The wild boar spotted outside Pulau Tikus wet market.

Image via Facebook

The local ADUN's statement comes after Perhilitan officers shot the wild boar as it was wandering around Pulau Tikus and Gurney Drive in Penang today

Northeast district Civil Defence Force (APM) operations officer captain Muhammad Aizat Abdul Ghani told Bernama that the team dispatched to the scene had trouble capturing the wild boar.

"Five members of the APM who went to the location tried to catch the wild boar but were unsuccessful as it was aggressive. The wild boar ran to the main road and fled into the bushes behind the Gurney Drive food court. We contacted Perhilitan for further assistance," he said.

When Perhilitan officers arrived, they decided to shoot the wild boar because they were concerned that the animal would disturb and endanger the public.

According to The Star, the animal was cornered and killed in the bushes near the Anjung Gurney Hawker Centre at 9.40am.

Aizat said no one was injured and there was no damage to public property during the operation.

Earlier today, photos and videos of the wild boar roaming parts of Penang emerged on Facebook

In a nine-second long video, several officers in uniform can be seen holding catch poles and trying to capture the four-legged creature.

Image via Facebook

Sin Chew Daily reported that the animal was spotted in front of Pulau Tikus wet market.

Some members of the public were worried about being attacked by the wild boar and chose to avoid it. Others tried to divert it back to the mountain but to no avail.

The wild boar continued to wander around the city until it reached Gurney Drive.

Here is a video of the wild boar roaming the city:

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