Agong Treats Ebit Lew To Ikan Patin Lunch As A Show Of Thanks For Helping Flood Victims

Although His Royal Highness thanked Ebit Lew many times for helping the people of Pahang, he humbly thinks that his efforts are small.

Cover image via Ebit Lew (Facebook)

While helping flood victims in Pahang, celebrity preacher and philanthropist Ebit Lew got the chance to meet Yang di-Pertuan Agong Sultan Abdullah

In a Facebook post uploaded on Wednesday, 13 January, Ebit Lew wrote, "Very moved to tears. After the relief mission, the Agong treated me to an ikan patin lunch in Temerloh."

Terharu sebak sangat. Selepas misi bantuan, rezeki Tuanku YDPA belanja makan ikan patin di Temerloh. Ya Allah. Malu...

Posted by Ebit Lew on Wednesday, January 13, 2021

A humble Ebit Lew said that although His Royal Highness thanked him many times for helping the people of Pahang, he thinks that his efforts are small

"I always see your Royal Highness' entourage giving aid to flood victims every day. The group is even divided into three: the Yang di-Pertuan Agong, Raja Permaisuri Agong, and the Crown Prince. From morning until late at night," Ebit Lew added.

Then he shared an anecdote about the lunch they had together, giving his followers some insight on how the Agong and the Permaisuri Agong interact as a couple.

"While we were eating, the Permaisuri Agong fed the Agong herself. They joked around, full of love," he wrote.

"I felt even shyer when His Royal Highness suddenly stood up and asked my team for a photo. We were all praying to take pictures with him. Allah granted our wishes."

Since floods hit different parts of Malaysia, Ebit Lew and his team have been travelling from state to state in order to help those affected

He regularly posts updates about his activities on social media.

Last week, on 8 January, he was in Kluang distributing KFC and clean clothes to those seeking shelter at a flood evacuation centre.

Meanwhile, this week, he went door to door to donate food and money to the Indian community in Kuala Krau, Temerloh, and gave away 300 packed meals, towels, and blankets to villagers nearby.

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