foodpanda Aunty Who Lost Her Job During MCO Gets Much Needed Help From Ustaz Ebit Lew

He helped send her 25-year-old car for service and also changed its four tires.

Cover image via Ebit Lew (Facebook)

A photo of an elderly woman in foodpanda uniform sitting alone in a restaurant while looking at her phone was widely circulated late last month

Sharing the picture on 27 November, Facebook user Tiffany Chang said the woman was waiting for the restaurant in Sunway to prepare an order for delivery.

Not much else was known about the delivery driver, but people who saw the photo commended the woman for working hard and being resourceful despite her age.

The photo eventually captured the attention of celebrity Ustaz Ebit Lew

The motivational speaker and preacher shared on his Facebook page that he had reached out to the elderly lady, who he found out is named Christine Ti from Kuala Lumpur.

Lew wrote that he had a chat with Ti to find out more about her story.

"After meeting aunty at the bus stop, we immediately started talking. This aunty is so friendly, I couldn't help but feel close to her and I cried listening to all her life stories," he said.

He was amazed by Ti's strength and resilience, especially when hearing that she lost her job during the early days of the Movement Control Order (MCO)

Ti used to work as a writer for an English magazine, but after she was let go, she decided to work as a foodpanda delivery driver.

She also told him that she lives with her sister, and their mother recently passed away.

Well known for his charitable deeds, Lew then offered Ti financial aid and paid for the service of the 25-year-old car that she drives for work

Lew helped by sending her Perodua Kancil for maintenance service and also changed all four of its tires.

"I also gave her some spending money and later I'm going to see her house as I heard that it is leaking and damaged," Lew wrote in the post.

He said he wishes the best for Ti, who told him that she is happy and contented with her current job because her colleagues have been kind to her and there was no workplace politics.

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