M'sian Garbage Collector Working In SG Returns iPad To Owner 1 Year After It Went Missing

Khidir is actually a Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia graduate who has been working in Singapore for three months.

Cover image via Michelle Lim (Facebook) & @EdaySam_ (Twitter)

A garbage collector in Singapore recently shared the heartwarming story of him returning a stranger's iPad that has been missing for over a year

On Wednesday, 2 December, Twitter user @EdaySam_, whose real name is Muhammad Khidir Samsudin, uploaded several photos along with the caption, "1 December was a great day for us! Leave it here for our memory. I'm Malaysian!"

He included screenshots of a Facebook post by a woman named Michelle Lim. It read, "Lost my iPad Pro more than a year ago. Today around 7pm, checked my email and saw 'FOUND YOUR IPAD' in my inbox! Least expected that it was real. These two good samaritans are with SembWaste (Senoko Depot). Eday contacted me. Shocked and surprised, I almost cried."

"My heartfelt thanks to Eday and Yuamirul. They are Malaysians working here in Singapore," she added.

In an interview with SAYS, Khidir shared that while collecting trash, he found the iPad in a plastic bag along with a broken laptop

Khidir is actually a 25-year-old who has been working in Singapore for roughly three months.

He is from Batu Pahat, Johor and is a Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM) graduate with a degree in development science.

When he found the iPad, he was working with another garbage collector name Yuamirul and the garbage truck driver, Wan Hanafiah.

From left: Yuamirul, Wan Hanafiah,and Muhammad Khidir.

Image via Muhammad Khidir (Provided to SAYS)

"Our lorry just took the blue recycling bin and while I was collecting rubbish inside, I saw a plastic bag with an iPad and a laptop in it. The iPad looked like it was in good condition but the laptop was already broken. So I decided to take the iPad to check whether it was still working. After our job was done, I charged the iPad and found that it was working fine."

Khidir said that there was no password set on the iPad but he found the owner's Apple ID. Initially, he thought that the owner had thrown the iPad away because it was common to find gadgets in the rubbish.

"Maybe because they want to upgrade their gadget and throw away their old one," he said.

From the Apple ID, Khidir saw Michelle's email and he decided to get a confirmation on whether she lost the iPad or threw it away herself.

Michelle then replied and said that the iPad went missing over a year ago.

"I put my contact number in the email and waited for a response. Surprisingly, she contacted that night and said that she lost the iPad a year ago. Then we planned a meet up to return the iPad," he explained.

"When I got the message from her, I called her immediately. Her voice sounded excited but she also wanted to cry. When we met to pass the iPad, she looked so happy. I knew that the iPad must have been important and meaningful to her."

He said that as a reward, Michelle bought him and Yuamirul a meal.

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