Attention! AirAsia Is Allowing You To Carry On 2 Pieces Of Luggage Without Checking In

Previously, only one cabin bag was allowed.

Cover image via Reuters/Malay Mail & Economy Traveller

On 7 July, AirAsia announced that passengers will be allowed to bring two carry-on luggage not exceeding a total weight of 7kg

The current policy requires passengers to carry one cabin bag that fits into the overhead storage compartment and one small bag or laptop bag that must fit underneath the seat in front of you.

Any baggage exceeding a total weight of 7kg will need to be checked in.

Image via klia2
Image via klia2

Previously, AirAsia allowed each passenger to carry only one piece of luggage with a total weight of 5kg to minimise social contact between guests' baggage

The company later changed the policy to allow each passenger to carry one piece of luggage with a total weight of 7kg.

Image via Weekend Blitz

Aside from the luggage policy, the company has implemented end-to-end contactless procedures and new safety procedures

Passengers are urged to wear face masks before, during, and after flights, as well as during check-ins and bag collections.

Those who do not wear a face mask will not be permitted to board the flight.

AirAsia's contactless kiosk at klia2.

Image via AirAsia

In accordance with these safety procedures, AirAsia has implemented contactless payments and contactless kiosks at airports.

In addition, passengers will be required to scan all boarding passes at the boarding gate instead of collecting stubs of physical ones.

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