[PHOTOS] This Single Mother Learnt Carpentry To Build Furniture For Her Daughter's School

"I felt that I could use my skills to make these furniture, so I did it."

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A single mother in Perak has been donating her time and effort to build furniture for her daughter's school in Titi Gantung, Parit

Musukubi Shamsuddin, who is a committee member of the Parent and Teachers Association (PTA) of Sekolah Rendah Islam Nur Ehsan, started the woodwork since the Recovery Movement Control Order (RMCO) was announced to prepare the school for its reopening.

The 48-year-old told Bernama that the furniture was her contribution to the primary school's 154 pupils, as she could not afford to contribute financially.

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She has been making various classroom essentials such as bookshelves, desks, chairs, and also cupboards to store the students' Qurans and prayer mats

Musukubi, fondly known as 'Kak B', said she referred to pictures on social media to build the furniture with wood as thick as 1.27cm provided by the school.

"I felt that I could use my skill to make these furniture, so I did it. Besides, I noticed that there were many pieces of furniture in the school that could not be used anymore," she said.

"So, as a member of the PTA, and as my eight-year-old daughter Nur Insyirah Ismail is a pupil here, I expressed my intention to build these furniture without any charges."

The devoted parent said she can finish two to three items of furniture in a day and has been working from 8am to 5pm, six days a week

Musukubi, who only lives 20 minutes away from the school, said she has also made furniture for her own use such as a swing, a clothing rack, and some tables and chairs.

"I started developing an interest in carpentry since moving back to my village in Kampung Lambor Kiri around 2018," she explained, as quoted by Harian Metro.

"I only do carpentry for personal satisfaction, but there have been parents who have asked me to build furniture for their homes after seeing my craftwork," said Kak B, who previously worked in the manufacturing sector for 25 years in Selangor.

Image via Harian Metro
Image via Bernama

The school management has obviously been extremely grateful for the mother's contributions

"Many thanks to Puan Musukubi for painstakingly preparing these racks to be used in the textbook loan storage room, the library, and the school surau," they wrote in a Facebook post.

"Her woodwork is really refined and artistic," the administration added, while sharing pictures of her busy at work.

Musukubi shared with Bernama that the school is currently also raising funds for another building five minutes away on Jalan Gelung Pepuyu.

She did not elaborate on whether she will also be making furniture for the new building, but it will be a new one-story block with seven classrooms, a teachers' room, an office, and a computer lab.

The Ministry of Education announced that students are to go back to school beginning 15 July:

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