Single Mum In Melaka Sells Realistic Cupcake Bouquets That Are Too Beautiful To Eat

Government official by day, amazing home baker by night.

Cover image via Mas Intan/Facebook

Say hello to Mas Intan, a 38-year-old single mum with a passion for baking

Based in Melaka, this fully self-taught baker named YouTube and Google as her best teachers.

Mas started venturing into the baking world about eight years ago.

In an interview with SAYS, she said that she now balances her full-time job at a government legal department while fulfilling cake orders after office hours.

This proud mother of two creates absolute masterpieces straight out of her home kitchen.

She recently gained popularity for her super realistic cupcake bouquets.

According to her, there's no one else in Malaysia that makes them like she does.

"It started when a customer from overseas asked me to make a cupcake flower bouquet for their family in Melaka. They gave me examples from other international bakers," she explained to SAYS.

"At first, I refused to accept the order. I have never made them before and I did not know how to. After some research, I realised that there was really no one else in Malaysia that made cupcake flower bouquets like that, so it was hard for me to ask for advice."

She then said that the customer still insisted on having her make the cake.

"They said that they believed in my abilities, especially after seeing my work on Instagram. I was given two weeks to make up my mind and within that short time, I started researching on the Internet, learning from YouTube, and then I tried to improve what I saw until I was happy with my own creation," she added.

In the end, the customer was very pleased with the results.

After sharing photos of the cake online, more people started requesting for cupcake flower bouquets

Mas noted that many customers purchase the cupcake bouquets for special occasions such as anniversaries, birthdays, and even store launches.

The price of one cupcake bouquet starts from RM160.

Besides that, Mas can also make a ton of other different cake styles.

Talk about talent!

Some of her cakes are made to look like official uniforms, while others are decorated with cartoon characters or even realistic looking fish.

Mas also told SAYS that all of her cakes are homemade.

She said, "I carry out my business from home but I do have a dream of owning a cake studio one day."

"This is so that I can share what I know with other bakers. A lot of baker friends, even those outside of Melaka, have been asking me to start a class," she added.

This Ramadan, Mas is fully booked and she can only take up more orders after the fasting month.

For those who are interested to find out more about her work, you can follow her on social media or reach out to her at +6017-2252448.

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