Video Of Airport Staff Stealing From Luggage Serves As Reminder To Lock Your Bags

The incident happened at Phuket International Airport.

Cover image via Facebook via Straits Times

An airport worker who was entrusted to get passengers' bags safely onto planes was caught stealing instead

A video footage circulating on social media showed a baggage handler at Bay 15 at the Phuket International Airport rifling through and stealing from passengers' luggage on a Singapore-bound Jetstar Airway flight on 10 October.

The man in question has been identified as Abdullah Hayee Mayeh.

It was learned that the 27-year-old is an employee of a third-party baggage handling company, BAGS, an agency that provides baggage services for around 90 airlines in Thailand.

The Daily Mail reported that Abdullah was caught red-handed in a special sting operation set up by Airports of Thailand and Tourism Police. It is believed that the video clip of the incident was leaked by one of ISS Security Staff Members, who is Jetstar's outsourced security agents.

According to media reports, Abdullah confessed after he was confronted and shown the video by the police

Image via Phuket Gazette

Following his confession, the he turned over the stolen item, which is a Bluetooth speaker, to the authorities so that its rightful owner could get it back.

Phuket Gazette reported that Abdullah was arrested on 12 October. He has been charged with robbery and was taken to Saku Police Station in Phuket for further investigations.

Meanwhile, Jetstar said that it was aware of the incident and viewed the matter seriously

A spokesperson from Jetstar Group, Robin Goh, said that the company is working with the Thailand airport authorities, BAGS, and its local security company to investigate the case and ensure that passengers' property on board all of its flights are secured.

"Jetstar Australia's aircraft are not loaded like this. We use containers which means this type of activity in the cargo hold cannot occur. Bags are loaded into containers in a secure area with CCTV and then the containers are transported directly onto the aircrafts," Goh said, as reported The Daily Mail.

Watch the video of the incident here:

Baggage handler caught stealing from luggage in Thailand

Footage shows an airport baggage handler in Thailand rifling through luggage before stealing a Bluetooth speaker. He was employed by an agency and was supposed to be loading suitcases onto the flight from Phuket to Singapore on October 10. Security staff at the airport filmed the theft. Police arrested him shortly after and he admitted stealing a black speaker, which he handed back.

Posted by CGTN on Sunday, October 15, 2017

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