Animals Come Out Of Their "Hiding" Spots Now That Humans Are Locked Away

Social distancing? What is social distancing?

Cover image via Kruger National Park & Viral Press

While humans are required to stay home right now, it seems that animals have taken the opportunity to explore empty natural parks and cities

Since the start of lockdown, photos of wild animals emerging from their usual spots have made headlines, as several appeared to be curious about where all the humans disappeared.

Others, however, couldn't care less and seemed to be enjoying this quiet period.

Here's a peek at what they've been up to:

1. Lions in South Africa were spotted napping in the middle of a road that is usually filled with tourists

A pride of lions was caught having a snooze in the middle of a road in South Africa's Kruger National Park after it closed due to the pandemic.

These big cats are only usually seen on the roads by park rangers at night. However, this bunch didn't seem bothered at all when one of the rangers spotted them fast asleep.

Park ranger Richard Sowry told BBC that "normally they would be in the bushes because of the traffic but they are very smart and now they are enjoying the freedom of the park without us".

2. Wild mountain goats were having the time of their lives on empty streets in Wales

A herd of mountain goats, known as Great Orme Kashmiri goats, was seen strolling the streets in a town in Wales last month.

According to New York Post, these goats usually live on a hill that overlooks the town. But, it seems local police and residents found them walking about and having a wild time eating leaves and bushes in the town square.

Image via Reuters

3. The highest number of rare leatherback turtle nests were seen on deserted beaches in Thailand

Thanks to the lockdown, deserted beaches in Thailand recently saw the largest number of leatherback turtle nests in 20 years.

Leatherback turtles are the world's largest sea turtles and are considered endangered in Thailand. Reuters reported that these species can only lay eggs in dark, quiet areas and are extremely rare to find due to the number of tourists on a typical day.

People have also been known to dig into their nests and steal their eggs.

Meanwhile, a herd of about 50 elephants (and their babies!) stunned the world when they were filmed calmly crossing a highway in Thailand.

Local police blocked out the path to ensure that no traffic will disrupt the herd.

"The elephants were all so calm and barely noticed the humans. I feel very lucky to have seen such an amazing sight," said Pratya Chutipat Sakul, who filmed the sight, according to LADbible.

4. Nara deer leave premises to look for food on empty streets

Sadly, not all animals have had it easy during this time.

With the lack of tourists to feed them, wild deer in Nara, Japan left their park and wandered the city centre's empty streets in search of food.

Some of them were spotted rummaging through garbage bags in alleys near the park.

An adorable group of penguins also waddled around an empty park as soon as it was closed down:

While this majestic horse recently went viral for trotting down an empty road in Singapore:

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