Amar Singh Loves Riding Motorcycles So Much He Once Rode His Escort's Bike To Bukit Aman

Tough cop has a cute love for rough machines. :')

Cover image via theSundaily & Utusan (edited)

Amar Singh, who yesterday retired as the CCID Director Commissioner after serving in PDRM for 35 years, loves riding motorcycles. His love for the two-wheeled machines is only overshadowed by his love for being a policeman.

In fact, the former Bukit Aman Commercial Crime Investigation Department chief, who is the third generation policeman, his father and grandfather were both cops, loves being a policeman so much, if given a choice he would still choose to serve PDRM.

"If I have a chance to live my life all over again, I would still choose to be a police officer. I am blessed for the life that I have lived, I would not change it for anything.

"Since young, all I've ever known and all I've ever wanted was to become a policeman.

"When my grandfather passed away, all other family members took several things as keepsakes, from the TV to furniture. I took the lesung, as it had my grandfather's authority number, PC2023, engraved upon it.

"Although my duties have ended, PDRM will still be close to my heart. This is because my grandfather, father and I joined the police force," Amar said in his speech yesterday.

So now that the country's top Sikh cop has officially retired - Amar Singh was up for a mandatory retirement on 6 June - he said he plans to focus on his second love: motorcycles!

According to a report in The Star Online, when asked on his plans after retirement, Amar Singh said he would focus on his other passion. His love for riding motorcycles.

"I have taken part in several riding expeditions, so I believe I will do more now," The Star Online quoted him as saying with a big grin.

A file pic of Amar Singh inspecting a police motorcycle.

Image via Sentiasa Kaya Raya/Facebook

During his farewell speech, Amar Singh also shared a story where his itch for riding motorcycles made him request one of his police motorcycle escorts to switch places with him

According to Amar Singh, it happened one time when his police car was being driven from Klang to Bukit Aman headquarters when he requested the driver to pull over.

Assuming that the CCID Director Commissioner wanted to use the loo, the driver parked the car near a public toilet. However, that's where things got interesting.

"At the time, the driver thought that I was going to the toilet and parked the car in front of the toilet. He didn't know that I had asked the police officer in charge of the motorcycle escort to get inside the car and so I could take his motorcycle to continue the trip back to Bukit Aman," he recounted amidst a burst of laughter from his fellow officers present during the ceremony yesterday, reported Sin Chew Daily.

Amar Singh, along with his sons, waving from a ceremonial vehicle yesterday, 5 December.

Image via Bernama

We hope to see the former tough cop riding one of these rough machines soon on the roads on KL :D

Image via Utusan

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