Ampang Clinic Files Police Report After Woman Forges MC To Take 5 Days Off Work

"If you are unhappy at work, look for another job. Don't lie," advised the clinic.

Cover image via @klinik.iltizam (Instagram) & @klinikiltizamampang (TikTok)

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A clinic in Ampang, Selangor, has filed a police report against a woman after she used a copy of their official medical certificate (MC) to skip five days of work

Sharing a photo of the counterfeit document on TikTok, Klinik Iltizam warned others not to follow the woman's actions as it was forgery.

"This has made [our doctor] angry. We just spent one whole day making a police report about this fake MC," the clinic also wrote on Instagram.

The staff warned, "We use computer systems now. So, for every MC we print, there is definitely an owner (patient) it belongs to, and the system will keep your details for at least seven years."

Klinik Iltizam shared that it came to know about the fake MC after an employer contacted them to verify an employee's MC

"We checked our system, and there was no such patient in our registry," said the clinic.

The employer then sent them a photo of the offending document and they soon found out that the employee had misused the clinic's name to take sick leave for five days from 27 January to 31 January.

As the document bore the name of the clinic as well as one of their medical officers, Klinik Iltizam said they took immediate action

They even contacted the patient that the MC's original serial number belonged to, to inform them that their details may be given to the police for further investigation.

"We hope that you can cooperate. We want to investigate if your MC has been stolen and misused, or if there are any elements of complicity in the forgery of the MC," the clinic told the woman on WhatsApp.

Incidentally, the patient told the clinic that she has shared her MC with her friends before.

"I did send the MC to my friends last time, but I have no idea who used it," she replied.

The clinic said they have reported the case to the Ampang Jaya police station and will be waiting for action to be taken on both the counterfeiter, and the owner of the MC, if they are complicit

Lastly, the clinic also advised the public, "If you are sick, look for a doctor and take sick leave. Or take unpaid leave. Don't fake an MC."

"If you are unhappy at work, look for another job. Don't lie. You'll be caught one day."

Did you know that submitting false MCs is committing an act of corruption comparable to making fraudulent claims:

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