7 Undeniable Signs It’s Time To Quit Your Job

There's nothing making you stay anymore.

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So, you’ve been thinking about it but you’re unsure of whether it’s time to leave. Choosing to resign from your job can either be gut-wrenching or exhilarating, but it should be guilt-free.

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Quitting may not be the solution to all of your problems. But it may be necessary for a number of reasons:

1. You’re withering like that pot of plants sitting on your desk

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You’ve learnt all there is to learn and there is nothing left for you to develop - in fact, you’re actually kinda bored. If you’ve reached this stage and there is no other role you can take on, it might be time for you to leave.

“Like any relationship, your job shouldn’t just help pay the bills. It should also transform you into a better person – smarter, more open-minded, more ambitious, and more collected,” says Jonathan Yabut, founder and managing director of Grit2Great.

2. You find more meaning sitting in the toilet cubicle than at your own work cubicle

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Ah yes, meaningful work. This isn’t one of those times you wish you were saving the tigers in Mongolia or helping a refugee camp in the bushes of Syria (although, if you do that, keep up the amazing work!).

This is for the rest who feel stuck in a job where their strengths are stifled and they dread every single thing they do.

Maybe you’re someone who enjoys getting out of the office and meeting people but you’re stuck behind a desk calculating the company’s expenditures. Or maybe you’re someone who thrives on working in your own space but is forced to constantly get out and meet clients.

If you find that you’re not building on your strengths or learning new things, it may be time to look for something else.

“Most people stay too long in bad jobs because the corporate world is geared towards keeping us in roles, not matching individuals up with their ideal roles,” says Daniel Gulati, tech entrepreneur and author.

3. You need to stay back late to prove your worth

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When awards are given to those who go home late from work every day rather than on whether the person is productive, it often reflects on what is important to management. 

The illusion of productivity or busyness is not progress.

Stats indicate that working long hours actually makes you less productive. Of course, there are times you need to put in extra hours but doing it everyday may do more damage than good in the long run.

4. Your doctor already knows exactly what you need every time you enter his clinic

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There is good stress that challenges you and then there is stress that takes a toll on your health.

If you’re falling sick easily, your friends and family comment saying you look "exhausted" all the time, and you’re just struggling to cope with the lifestyle, it may be high time for you to find a job that is manageable.

Experts say that being overworked can lead to much more serious health problems later on if left untreated.

And if that's not you, let's be real. There's only so many fake MC's you can take.

5. You reword what you want to say a gazillion times and often don’t end up saying it

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“How would this sound? How would this be interpreted? Was this statement too far off the other views around the table?” questions Sallie Krawcheck, CEO of Ellevest.

“I’ve worked in cultures in which ‘no idea is a bad idea’ and in ones in which you had to watch what you say. I am very over the term ‘authentic,’ but if you can’t be ‘authentic’ at your job, it’s time to look for another job,” she adds.

If you feel unheard every time you speak up about an idea or solution, it may be time.

6. You love your job, but your boss is _________ (fill in the blank).

He overworks employees. She doesn't recognise your contribution or reward good work. Maybe they don't seem to have direction and the company seems to be hanging by a thread.

According to a report, one of the top reasons employees leave their jobs in Malaysia is because of a poor relationship with the manager. 

If you love your job and the Miranda Priestly's and Gordon Ramsay's of the world are worth tahaning, then by all means grow with it.

But if it isn't worth your sanity, it might be time to rethink your stay.

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7. Every day is venting day

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While at work, you b*tch about your frustrations towards your bosses or colleagues. Then, you go home and complain to your partner about how much you wish you weren’t working in the company. On the weekends, you blab to your parents, sister-in-law, and dog about how you wanna quit.

People are getting sick of hearing you complain that they’re telling you to resign. 

If you find yourself constantly complaining, either leave or stop whining.

What are some other signs that it's time to leave your job? Share with us in the comments below!

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