6 Recruitment Websites To Help You Find Your Dream Job

These websites could be your first step into a fulfilling career.

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Finding jobs are now harder than ever. In fact, the influx of jobless graduates shows that having a diploma or a degree may not be enough for one to land a job.

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According to a report by the Prime Minister's department, a total of 400,000 graduates are facing unemployment each year

As of April 2015, the unemployment rate in Malaysia currently stands at 3 percent.

This week on Tech Tuesday, we round up a list of job recruitment websites that promises the best tools and offers for job seekers. Read on and if you're looking for a job, you might want to bookmark them.

1. Monster Jobs: Monster's goal is to help you find and land a dream job because according to them, life is too short to not be enjoying what you're doing.

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Monster is also one of the largest job recruitment websites in the world. The site is operated by Monster Worldwide Inc (not to be mistaken with the Pixar film), the company currently has websites all over the world, including Malaysia.

Monster is a very comprehensive website with many features. Job seekers can submit their CVs and search for jobs based on industry and category.

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What's interesting here is that Monster has walk-in and contract job sections for job seekers who are looking for short-term stints.

Taking cues from social media sites like Facebook, follow companies and keep up with their various updates

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This is particularly useful if you have been waiting for a vacancy at a company. Updates will be sent to your email address.

The site includes free content from resume and cover letter writing to interview tips, very useful for fresh grads

Image via Monster
Image via Monster

From overcoming office politics to achieving happiness at the workplace, Monster's Career Center is able to help you make working a little more enjoyable and bearable.

Check out Monster Jobs here

2. Scoot: Launched in April 2015, Scoot is a Malaysian location based job recruitment website

Image via Scoot
Image via Scoot

Although the site is only 3 months old, Scoot has already seen over 1,000 job listings from brands like RevAsia, Starbucks, Public Bank and Maxis.

Started by 20-year-old Daniel Joshua and 39-year-old Asim Qureshi, Scoot is said to be the first job recruitment site in Malaysia that's location based

LEFT: Asim Qureshi RIGHT: Daniel Joshua

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Scoot claims there’s still no job portal in Malaysia that sorts results based on your location, with those nearest displayed first.

“With most big job portals, you either type in your post code or locality. For example, if you’re staying in Kuala Lumpur, it will show you all the jobs [there], but it doesn’t exactly sort jobs according to how far away they are from you,” said Joshua.

User-friendly and easy to navigate, job seekers can search for jobs based on category, type and location

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No time to prepare your CV? No problem because you'll be able to create your own visual CV with Scoot's Visual CV feature.

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Scoot's Visual CV feature helps the application process simpler by giving employees an overview of what they want to know about you.

Check out Scoot here

3. StartUp Jobs: Ever wondered what it would be like to work at a startup? StartUp Jobs aim to help progressive startups with talent acquisition.

Image via StartUpJobs
Image via StartUpJobs

In the words of founder Ben Chew, StartUp Jobs wants to make startup careers 'sexier' and more appealing to jobseekers

StartUp Jobs Asia founder, Ben Liew.

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With the goal of “Building world-class companies in Asia, one talent at a time”, Startup Jobs Asia looks to be more than just a job portal for startups. The service looks to provide startups with more leverage when reaching out to talent.

"We (StartUp Jobs Asia) want to sexify jobs at startups and to grow the human capital eco-system for startup." said Ben

Jobseekers can search for job openings by looking through a list of active startups

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Alternatively, job seekers could search for openings by the types of jobs available, which ranges from IT to marketing.

What sets StartUp Jobs apart from other job listing sites is the deposit resume feature - which allow job seekers to deposit their resume and CVs on the site for future reference

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Employers are able to contact job seekers directly from the pool of resumes. This is a very useful feature as it helps save time for both the employee and employer.

Check out StartUp Jobs here

4. Moms4Project: Catered towards mothers, Moms4Project is a platform to help mothers and women find flexible jobs

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Founded in 2013, Moms4Projects is a platform for professional women and mothers who wish to work from home or short hours on a project or flexible and short contract basis.

According to founder Angeline Chin, Moms4Project was started based on her experience as a working mum and having to juggle between working and motherhood

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"Basically, I started Moms4Projects out of my own experience - I wanted to work on something from home and to spend more time with my young daughter. In Malaysia, most of the jobsites are catered to the masses. Not every jobs are suited for moms/women," Angeline explained to us.

Mothers looking for jobs are able to filter through part-time, full-time and contractual stints

Image via Moms4Project

Single parents can take advantage of the various jobs listed on Moms4Projects, offered on a freelance to full-time or flexible hour basis, to help them get started on identifying a suitable job from home.

Registration isn't free on the site, RM50 is required as a lifetime membership fee

Image via Moms4Project

Check out Moms4Projects here

5. Graduan: With the intention of leading fresh graduates to the workplace, Graduan is more than just a job recruitment site

Image via Graduan

Graduan started out as an annual publication

Founder of Graduan, Puan Elia Talib on the cover of the latest issue of Graduan.

Image via issuu

GRADUAN ® was launched in 1995 (as Aspirasi GRADUAN ®) by Puan Elia Talib with the intention of guiding fresh graduates as they enter the workforce. This pioneering and comprehensive guidebook provides young readers with invaluable information to prepare them for the transition from student life to employment.

The website functions as a recruitment tool that provides the job and employer listings, and the latest news about the Malaysian job market

Image via Graduan

The layout of the website is very visually appealing. With shades of blue and well designed sections, browsing through Graduan is a breeze

Image via Graduan

Like the other sites on this list, job seekers can search for vacancies by choosing location and industry.

Many articles from the magazine are available to read on the website

Image via Graduan

From testimonials by CEOs to Finance, one will be able to find a variety of interesting and enriching articles.

Check out Graduan here

6. wobb: wobb stands for "Working On Bean Bags", the job recruitment site is all about finding jobs with great company culture

Image via wobb

Founder of wobb, Derek Toh felt that many job recruitment sites lack innovation and creativity

Image via LinkedIn

“I think other jobsites are just there to list jobs and are generally really boring to look at. If people care about the culture of the company they are going to be working in, Wobb is a great place to discover companies like that. You can find them on Wobb. Also the entire experience of browsing Wobb is just different, immersive and very very fun.” said Derek

The site is user friendly, job seekers can look through companies feature on the site with the 'Discover Companies' section

Image via wobb

Companies are categorized into different fields for job seekers to find their area of interest easier and faster.

When you've found a suitable company, click to view the company's details

Image via wobb

Interested to apply? Job seekers can only apply through wobb's mobile app

Image via wobb

Download wobb on Google Playstore and iTunes

Check out wobb here

Besides the lesser-known websites above, there are of course wildly popular job recruitment sites used by thousands of Malaysians:

All the best in your search!

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PS: If you're a passionate, energetic person looking for a job, join us at SAYS by writing in to [email protected] with your CV. We're on the look out for writers and interns! :)

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