An AirAsia Flight To Cochin Was Forced To Turn Back To KLIA2. Here's What Happened

The flight had already flown about 1,000km when it turned back.

Cover image via KLIA2

Earlier today, 22 July, an AirAsia flight AK0037 was forced to turn back to KLIA2 after more than two hours into the flight when it was en route to Cochin due to engine trouble

AK0037 had left for Cochin at 6.25am and had flown about 1,000km when it turned back for KLIA2, The Malaysian Insight reported via a flight-tracking website.

The flight path of AirAsia AK0037 as tracked by Flightradar24.

Image via The Malaysian Insight.

According to a passenger interviewed by The Malaysian Insight, there were about 180 people onboard the AK0037

The passenger, Kanasen Sathiavelu, claimed that the AirAsia flight was smooth even after it had turned back for KLIA2.

"The air stewardesses were very calm, they only said it was a technical problem, there was no plane rattling, no passengers screaming, everybody was calm. I only noticed that there was a slight loss of power," The Malaysian Insight quoted him as saying.

Kanasen claimed that upon landing, one of the air stewardesses announced, 'Thank you for flying with AirAsia'

However, people who had just woken up after landing were confused, he said.

The Malaysian Insight reported Kanasen saying that most of the passengers, however, were angry after finding themselves back at KLIA2.

Passengers were given a voucher and were told by an AirAsia staff that their replacement flight would be later today, the English website reported.

A file of an AirAsia flight at KLIA2.

Image via KLIA2

While AirAsia has confirmed the incident and said that the flight landed safely, the budget-airline did not provide any additional information about the technical issue

Apologising for any inconvenience caused to its passengers, AirAsia added that the flight was re-scheduled for a 3.45pm departure time.

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