A Child Rapist Has Been Sentenced To Chemical Castration For The First Time In Indonesia

He was found guilty of raping and molesting nine young girls.

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In a landmark ruling for Indonesia, Muh Aris Syukur from East Java was recently sentenced to chemical castration for raping nine children

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Coconuts Jakarta reported that Aris has become the first convicted child molester in Indonesia to be given the sentence in court.

In 2016, President Joko Widodo signed a Presidential Regulation Lieu of Law which introduced the death penalty and chemical castration for convicted paedophiles.

Aris was convicted of raping nine girls between 2015 and 2018 in Mojokerto. He was arrested in October last year after he was caught on a CCTV camera molesting his latest victim.

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As reported by CNN Indonesia, Aris was given a 12-year prison sentence and a IDR100 million (RM29,613) fine by the Mojokerto High Court.

Although prosecutors demanded at least 17 years of imprisonment for the perpetrator, the District Court gave a lighter sentence due to the additional punishment of chemical castration.

"We hereby give the additional sentence in the form of chemical castration to the convicted," the court ruling read, as reported by CNN Indonesia.

Unfortunately, there is still no means for chemical castration in the country so a date for the execution of the punishment has yet to be announced

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Additionally, Benar News reported that the punishment has seen pushback from the Indonesian Doctors Association (IDI).

"We believe that child sex offenders should be punished to the fullest extent of the law, but we cannot administer castrations because doing so will violate our oath to uphold the medical profession's code of ethics," said IDI head of professional development council Pudjo Hartono.

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