[VIDEO] Woman's Face Gets Sucked By The Live Octopus She Was Trying To Eat

"I can't remove it".

Cover image via YouTube

An octopus stuck itself on a woman’s face as she attempted to eat it alive during her live-streaming session

The vlogger, known as "seaside girl Little Seven", was attempting to eat the octopus when she realised it had latched onto her face and wasn't letting go.

In a 48-second video clip, the octopus is seen latching onto the woman's face as she screams in terror while tugging at its tentacles to remove it.

The woman hosts her live-stream videos on the Chinese platform Kuaishou.

Image via YouTube

In the short video, which has gone viral, the woman initially didn't appear to be afraid of the creature. However, after realising that the octopus wouldn't let go, she started to freak out and cry.

According to the Mail Online, the woman can be heard telling her fans "look how hard it's sucking" as she tried to remove a tentacle from her upper lip.

As she used her strength to pull the octopus off her left cheek, she started screaming, "I can't remove it". Her face can be seen nearly distorted in the process.

30 seconds in, she finally freed her face from the octopus’ clutches, saying “My face is disfigured” and promising to “eat it in the next video”.

Watch the video here:

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