An Owner Negligently Caused Her Dog To Be Dragged On The Road After It Was Tied To A Car

"I know how much it must have suffered. But it truly was an accident," the owner said.

Cover image via Watchdog Thailand

A video of a motionless dog being dragged on the road by a car was uploaded on Wednesday, 10 July

According to Coconuts Bangkok, the video was uploaded by a motorist who noticed the body behind an SUV.

In the minute-long video, the moving car could be seen dragging the motionless dog by the neck. 

The dog, known as Kanom Jeen, which means 'fermented rice noodles' in Thai, had lived together with three other dogs and its owner in Surat Thani province, south of Thailand.

According to the unidentified owner, her dogs usually roam free around their family farmland

However, Kanom Jeen had to be tied to the back of the car that evening as the family had an unexpected guest visiting. 

The owner had assumed that the guest would think to untie the dog's chain before leaving. 

Unfortunately, the guest left the farmland with the car that Kanom Jeen was tied to. 

The dog was left abandoned on the road after the body was detached from the chain

An unfortunate accident took place when a motorcyclist travelling had not seen the body and crashed into it. 

The 67-year-old man was reported to have suffered severe injuries from the accident. 

The owner has since expressed her regrets and apologised over the incident

“Our family feels extremely sad and guilty to see our beloved dog die in such a brutal way," said the owner in a Facebook post as quoted by Coconuts Bangkok.

"I cannot stand looking at the photos because they’re too graphic. I know how much it must have suffered, but it truly was an accident,” the owner said, adding that nobody would understand how she felt about the incident.

The incident had sparked outrage among netizens

Some netizens accused the owner of trying to defend herself to get a lesser punishment with one even calling her a liar.

The dog still had to scream before it died! I don’t believe you when you say you had no idea what was happening. I hope what goes around comes around!" a Facebook comment said.

One netizen even called the owner heartless while another user pointed out that if she really loved the dog, she would not have left its body on the road. 

However, some felt sorry for the owner, believing that she was genuine about her apology with one user even asking the rest to stop criticising the owner as losing her dog was already punishment enough.

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