An Anonymous Family Was Spotted In Putrajaya Picking Up Trash In Viral Video

Well done, fam.

Cover image via Perbadanan Putrajaya/Facebook (edit)

In a video, which recently went viral, an anonymous family was caught on camera walking around and picking up trash in Putrajaya

According to a Facebook video posted by Perbadanan Putrajaya, the family was seen picking up trash left scattered around at a parking lot area.

Although it is unclear who the family is or who took the video, it is believed to have taken place at PPA1M Larai Putrajaya. 

In the 60-second video, the parents were seen carrying big plastic bags, while the two children passed them rubbish

Aside from collecting garbage from the pavement, they were also seen looking in bushes for accumulated rubbish.

The video's caption read: "While exercising together as a family, they also took the opportunity to pick up the trash that was all around them. Maybe this is one of the teachings that the parents have instilled in their children.

"Cleanliness should not only be in our homes, but also in our environment. We should all instil the same values in ourselves and our children for a better future."

The video has since received over 11,800 views, as netizens applauded the anonymous family for their civic sense

"This should set an example to the community," wrote one netizen.

Image via Facebook

"It is difficult to find people like this now. Maybe one in a million. Whatever it is, the people of Putrajaya should follow heed," another wrote.

Image via Facebook

You can watch the video below:

Inilah sikap yang patut dicontohi oleh semua. Sambil-sambil beriadah bersama keluarga, mereka mengambil peluang mengutip sampah sarap yang ada disekitar mereka. Mungkin itu salah satu ajaran yang diterapkan oleh ibu bapa ini kepada anak-anak mereka. Kebersihan bukan sahaja di rumah, malah di sekitar kita juga. Mari sama-sama kita terapkan nilai-nilai murni sebegini dalam diri dan juga anak-anak untuk masa hadapan yang lebih baik. Lokasi di PPAM Larai Putrajaya. Terima kasih kepada penghuni yang sudi berkongsi video rakaman anda ini kepada kami. #Putrajaya #PutrajayaBersih #PutrajayaIndah

Posted by Perbadanan Putrajaya on Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Leading by example, Japanese fans went viral for cleaning up their trash after the World Cup match last year:

While these group of Malaysians have put trash to good use in their business:

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