Another Malaysian Has Reportedly Died Under Police Custody In Klang

His wife was told that he fell to his death.

Cover image via Manoharan Malayalam (Facebook)

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A 36-year-old Malaysian man reportedly died while in police custody at the South Klang district police headquarters on Thursday, 3 June

According to lawyer Manoharan Malayalam, the man, identified as Umar Faruq Abdullah, was picked up from his home in Kuala Selangor on Wednesday afternoon, 2 June.

Manoharan, who is also a member of the Democratic Action Party (DAP), wrote on his Facebook profile that five police officers had broken into the family's home between 4pm to 5pm yesterday.

In his post, he further wrote that at 10am this morning, Umar Faruq's wife, Humairah Abdullah, received a call from an officer, asking her to bring food for her husband as he had not eaten anything.

Upon reaching there, Humairah was told to wait.

She waited and waited until one policeman told her at about 3.30pm that her husband had passed away.
Manoharan Malayalam

Manoharan said he was contacted by Humairah for legal advice

Following which, he joined her at the South Klang district police headquarters.

There, he was informed that Umar Faruq has died under police custody while trying to escape.

"He was under remand for four days, which was obtained before a Klang Magistrate today," he said.

In the post, that was uploaded at around 8.11pm tonight, Manoharan stated that Humairah was informed that her husband "fell to his death".

The lawyer said that he suspects something is "not right here"

Definitely not right. I hold the police responsible and accountable for Umar Faruq's death. I am going to file a suit against the police and the government of Malaysia for causing the death of Umar Faruq. The IGP must answer to this continuous death of human beings while under police custody," he wrote.

According to a report in Free Malaysia Today, Umar Faruq was a lorry driver who was brought in after allegedly stealing a gas cylinder and was remanded for four days to assist in the investigation.

The report cited police as saying that the 36-year-old jumped to his death from the second floor of the district police headquarters where he was being questioned.

Meanwhile, Klang Member of Parliament (MP) Charles Santiago has since tweeted to highlight the case of Umar Faruq, whose death marks the fourth death in police custody in recent weeks

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