Another 'Treetop Student' In Sarawak Has Set Up Camp In A Forest To Get Internet Access

Rose shared that she was inspired by Veveonah who sat for her online examinations in a tree and decided to set up camp in a forest herself.

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Following in Veveonah's footsteps, another university student has decided to set up camp in a forest just to get good Internet access

Sarawak native Rose ED is a final year student at Universiti Pendidikan Sultan Idris in Perak.

In a recent Facebook post, Rose shared that she was inspired by Veveonah who sat for her online examinations in a tree and decided to set up camp in a forest herself.

She wrote, "After watching the viral Sabahan's video, I thought of using her idea to use a mosquito net myself."

Her post has since garnered over 4,000 shares.

According to Rose, the Internet connection in the forest is much better than that at her longhouse

"Dear friends, today I was forced to prepare myself really early before my presentation just now. As you can see in the photos, this location is in the Babas forest where we collect rubber. The Internet connection here is much better than that at my longhouse," she said.

She then explained that although the Internet connection is limited at her village, there are several locations with good Internet connection such as on the hills and at palm plantations.

"However, I can't visit these areas daily as I have a tight class schedule except for Tuesday and Monday," she added.

She also expressed that although she lives not too far from town, she cannot afford to make back and forth trips.

However, her education depends on it.

Rose wrote, "I do not live so far from the town of Pakan. But, I would have to think about how much going to town costs and I would also need transport to go back and forth every day. I am underprivileged, so I cannot afford to do so. Besides that, it always rains lately."

"As a final year student, I need the Internet to access information for my final year project. I couldn't access any systems such as MyGuru, the MyUPSI portal, and the UPSI library."

She ended the post by saying that she hopes her story will reach the right people who can help ease students' burdens.

Netizens are showering her with words of encouragement while urging the government and telecommunication companies to take action

One person commented, "Good job, may this young woman succeed. Hopefully the state government will be able to help students go through the new norm and help upgrade to high-speed Internet."

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"Hopefully the Sarawak government or the appropriate parties will help the student so Internet connection in the area will be upgraded. Like the student from Universiti Malaysia Sabah. She instantly received attention," said another netizen.

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A user also replied, "Internet connection is barely even smooth at my village that isn't in a rural area. Posts like these might be able to open the eyes of telecommunication companies."

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BERKELAMBU DI DALAM HUTAN Setelah melihat video viral budak Sabah haritu, harini sy trfikir mau guna idea beliau...

Posted by Rose ED on Tuesday, June 23, 2020

After Veveonah's video went viral, she received monetary aid and now a new telco tower will be built near her village:

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