Are These Signs Of Political Propaganda Creeping Into The Malaysian Education System?

Do you trust the Malaysian education system?

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Recent reports of a SPM Bahasa Melayu workbook asking why were the Chinese willing to kill the Malays have raised eyebrows at the Education Ministry

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Spotted during this year's SPM examinations, the questions were based on the government-approved literature about the May 13 riots

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Is our education system being used to propagate certain political agenda? We look at four more cases that had happened over the years:

Indigenous races from Borneo were not considered as part of Malaysia's multicultural ethnicity in this exam question, spotted in October 2014

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Students were marked wrongly when identifying opposition leaders as hardworking Malaysian figures in a Pendidikan Moral exam, spotted in June 2013

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This Bahasa Melayu paper asked students to link one certain race to the values including prioritising guests, respecting elders and politeness, spotted during the 2014 UPSR examination

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The actual Ujian Penilaian Sekolah Rendah (UPSR) Bahasa Malaysia examination paper did not include the alleged racist question that had gone viral on social media, the Education Ministry said today. "We received complaints about the matter on Sept 8, before the UPSR Bahasa Malaysia exam. The ministry would like to confirm that it was neither a question in the exam paper nor the ministry have any role in formulating the question," a spokesman told theSun today.

In April 2012, copies of a 50-page comic book depicting Prime Minister Najib as Superman were distributed to schools, purportedly by the state education deparment

Kuala Lumpur - Copies of a 50-page political comic book extolling the ruling Barisan Nasional (BN) government have been circulating among teachers in recent weeks ahead of the 13th general elections, purportedly distributed by state education departments.

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