Malaysian ARMYs Donate 99 Sets Of The BTS Meal To Frontliners

ARMYs also donated another 25 sets of the McDonald's meal to staff and patients at the Universiti Sains Malaysia Hospital (HUSM) children's ward in Kota Bharu, Kelantan.

Cover image via @PurpleProject7 (Twitter)

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Following the release of McDonald's 'BTS Meal', Malaysian BTS fans donated 99 sets of the meal to frontliners at Universiti Malaya Medical Centre (UMMC) last Saturday, 29 May

The initiative was revealed to the world by BTS fan account @PurpleProject7 on Twitter over the weekend.

"BTS Meal for frontliners by Malaysian ARMYs. 99 sets of BTS Meal given to our amazing frontliners at [UMMC] today. Thank you so much superheroes for your hardwork," read the caption of the post. ARMYs refer to the fans of the South Korean megaband.

According to an updated tweet by the account, the meals were only the first batch of contributions in the donation drive on that day.

The kind act comes after the highly acclaimed band released a collaboration meal with McDonald's in several countries — including Malaysia — last Wednesday, 26 May.

A BTS Meal comes with 10 pieces of Chicken McNuggets, a Coke, Medium Fries, and two exclusive sauces.

The BTS Meals that were donated by Malaysian ARMYs being delivered to frontliners working at UMMC.

Image via @PurpleProject7 (Twitter)

"25 sets for Wad Kanak-Kanak [Universiti Sains Malaysia Hospital] (HUSM). Hopefully these nuggets made the children smile today," the ARMY account said

The Twitter account went on to thank McDonald's Malaysia and their amazing crew for their wonderful service in helping make the project a success.

A name list of ARMYs who participated in the project also received a shout-out by the account.

This is not the first time ARMYs have organised and carried out donation projects in the name of their beloved idols.

The fans usually come together to do special projects in conjunction with the band members' birthdays. This project is in honour of the band's upcoming eighth year anniversary on 13 June.

@PurpleProject7 also informed fans that donations of the BTS Meal will be delivered to the Malaysian Agro Exposition Park Serdang (MAEPS) today, 31 May.

The last batch of meal donations will be made later this week.

The BTS Meals that were donated to staff and patients at the children's ward in HUSM, Kota Bharu.

Image via @PurpleProject7 (Twitter)

At the time of writing, the tweet about the donation went viral with over 7,500 likes and 3,500 retweets.

Many netizens were surprised by the kind deed.

A handful of Twitter users can be seen praising Malaysian ARMYs for their warm-hearted act.

Image via Twitter
Image via Twitter
Image via Twitter

The tweet also inspired a netizen to want to contribute to the cause.

Image via Twitter

Meanwhile, one frontliner who claimed that they had received the meal thanked ARMYs for the nugget treats.

Image via Twitter

ARMYs deserve a round of applause on this one. Borahae!

Image via GIPHY

Last week, the BTS Meal packages were spotted being sold online at a price point higher than the meal itself:

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