Authorities Are Blaming The Hospital For The Pregnant Woman's Suicide Last Week

They have vowed to deal with the case according to law.

Cover image via Shanghaiist

In the case of a pregnant woman who committed suicide by jumping from the fifth-floor of Yulin No 1 Hospital after her family refused to give their consent to let her have a C-section, official investigators have now charged the hospital with "negligence"

According to a report in China's state-run Xinhua news agency, the investigation panel, composed of officials with the health and public security departments in Yulin city, said that the case was a suicide and not a homicide, adding that the Yulin's best hospital "had been negligent in its care of the patient".

As per Chinese law, a family member must give consent before a patient undergoes surgery. While the hospital can proceed with the surgery if the situation is life-threating, the pregnant woman, who despite being in pain, wasn't in such a situation medically.

In their report, the investigators, who praised the hospital's "immaculate" medical procedures, added that the staff, however, failed to give due care and were not prepared for an emergency

The obstetrician in charge of treating the pregnant woman was suspended from his job, while the investigation on the direct cause of the woman's suicide is ongoing.

Screenshots from the leaked security footage showed Ma on her knees in the hospital.

Image via Channel NewsAsia

Authorities have vowed to deal with the case according to law.

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