A Pregnant Woman Jumped To Her Death After Family Didn't Allow Her To Have A C-Section

Both the mother and the child were killed.

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In a tragic incident occurred last week in Shaanxi Province in northern China, a pregnant woman committed suicide by jumping from a fifth-floor hospital window after her family reportedly refused to give their consent to let her have a caesarean section

According to a report in a Chinese news portal, SupChina, the 26-year-old woman, surnamed Ma, who was 41-week pregnant, was sent to the maternity ward of a hospital in Shaanxi Province last Thursday.

The hospital, after the initial diagnosis, found that the fetal head was very large and vaginal birth was very risky. However, after the doctor explained the situation to Yan, Ma's husband, and suggested a C-section, the husband's family insisted on a natural birth, refusing to give their permission for a cesarean.

In China, family members have to give permission a patient undergoes surgery.

While the hospital repeatedly tried to get the family to grant permission for the operation, the family refused surgery, preferring to continue monitoring the situation.

The woman herself walked out of Yulin No 1 Hospital's maternity ward twice to plead with her family, to let her have a caesarean because she could no longer bear the pain. Still, the family refused.

The pregnant woman seen pleading to her family.

Image via AsiaOne

After failing to convince her family, the pregnant woman jumped from the hospital building. Both mother and child were killed.

Image via Shanghaiist

Her husband, after being accused of indirectly causing his wife's death, now claims otherwise

According to the husband, when his wife had asked to have a C-section, he had agreed immediately. However, it was the doctor who checked Ma's condition who said she was going to give birth soon and did not need a C-section, he alleged.

The hospital says they have documentary evidence showing Ma's family refused to give consent for a C-section on three occasions

According to a report by South China Morning Post, photographs of the documents were included in a Weibo post, along with an image of another form signed by the couple that gave Ma’s husband sole responsibility to authorise any surgical procedures she needed to undergo.

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