Bangkok's Haze Is So Toxic, People Are Coughing And Sneezing Blood

The haze is expected to last for the next few days.

Cover image via Daily Mail

Bangkok has been blanketed in haze for weeks, and it does not look like it is getting any better

Image via The Guardian

The Guardian reported that nearly 450 schools in the Thai capital were ordered to close earlier this week, and 1,500 square kilometres of the city have been designated as "control area".

"The (haze) situation will be bad until 3 or 4 February, so I decided to close schools," Bangkok governor Aswin Kwanmuang was quoted as saying by The Guardian.

Local residents have been immensely affected by the toxic haze that they are coughing and sneezing blood

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Image from Viral Press/Daily Mail
Image via Viral Press/Daily Mail
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Image from Viral Press/Daily Mail
Image via Viral Press/Daily Mail

According to Daily Mail, the blood is caused by the haze's PM2.5 particles that are lodged in people's lungs.

PM2.5 particles are air pollutants that are known to cause and worsen diseases such as:

- Asthma,
- Heart attack,
- Bronchitis, and
- Other respiratory problems.

A man residing in Bangkok also found himself with blood-shot eyes due to the haze.

Animals have also been harmed by the haze

Daily Mail reported that a veterinarian from the Pet and Aquatic Animal Hospital treated a rabbit which had blood on its nose.

"Jubuu has a history of chronic dust allergy and she cannot stop sneezing," the vet revealed.

Jubuu during her treatment.

Image via Viral Press/Daily Mail

Another female poodle was reportedly taken to the emergency department after losing her voice for a few days. 

Her X-Ray results showed her lungs, trachea, and alveoli were covered with dust. This caused her to have difficulty in breathing and a vocal cord infection. 

Daily Mail reported that the poodle's owner never left her outdoors for an extended period of time. However, windows are opened for the poodle while she remains indoors.

Meanwhile, the Thai government cited various reasons for the haze, and stressed that measures to clear it have been taken

The reasons include:

- Traffic exhaust,
- Uncontrolled construction,
- Burning of crop stubble, and
- Factory pollution trapped in the city.

According to The Guardian, Thai authorities have seeded clouds to facilitate rain, sprayed overpasses with water, and ordered people to not burn incense sticks and paper for the upcoming Chinese New Year celebrations.

In similar news, a Thai man went viral with his nasal filters review for the Bangkok haze:

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