Bangkok Mall Praised For Putting Pedals In Lifts To Prevent Spread Of Coronavirus


Cover image via Seacon Square/Facebook

A shopping mall in Bangkok, Thailand has been praised for recently installing foot pedals in their elevators

Seacon Square shared photos of their foot-operated elevators, which was set up as one of their preventive measures during this pandemic.

Instead of pressing lift buttons, customers and vendors can use their foot to press the pedals to keep elevator doors open or shut and to get to their desired floor

The mall also installed hand sanitisers at its lifts and stickers on the floor reminding the public to keep a safe distance from each other. 

Seacon Square stated on its Facebook page that it hopes these measures will become the new norm for shopping malls in the country.

As the number of coronavirus cases diminished in the country, Thailand was given the green light to open its malls for the first time in two months on 17 May

According to The Straits Times, hundreds of masked customers were seen queuing up before opening hours to check their temperature, disinfect, and to take photos before they were allowed to enter malls.

Restaurants, like BarB.Q. Plaza, also set up plastic dividers to encourage social distancing for dine-in customers.

A couple of restaurants in Malaysia are also going the extra mile to assure their customers:

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