Banners, Balloons, Bullhorns, And Brollies: All The Photos From Day 1 Of #Bersih4

Kuala Lumpur was a sea of yellow as thousands of protesters flooded the streets.

Cover image via The Star

Day 1 of Bersih 4 rally began with people walking shoulder to shoulder in a sea of yellow for as far as our eyes could see. While the police estimated 25,000 people participated in Saturday's demonstration, Bersih - the pro-democracy group behind the rally - claimed almost 200,000 took part at the peak, the BBC reported.

Image via Darion Goh/SAYS
Image via Darion Goh/SAYS
Image via Darion Goh/SAYS

The Sun was smouldering, but the people remained calm as the streets of Kuala Lumpur were flooded with 'minions' clad in yellow, demanding change, with participants chanting, waving flags, carrying banners, yellow umbrellas, blasting bullhorns and singing Negaraku, Malaysia's national anthem.

The rally also saw Malaysian flags being waved alongside Gay Pride flags, giving the anti-government rally an almost festival-like vibe

Although the rally was scheduled for 2 pm, the sea of yellow crowds started assembling early at designated locations throughout the city, including at Sogo, Menara Maybank and Brickfields. At Masjid Jamek and Central Market, thousands gathered by 2 pm.

According to The Star, the rally reached its peak at around 4.30pm at the makeshift stage set up near Dataran Merdeka, where Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng, PKR President Dr Wan Azizah and PKR Secretary-General Rafizi Ramli gave speeches to the crowd

Overall, things were orderly and there were helpful people

A man holding a sign saying St. John's Cathedral is open for people in need of medical attention or if anything happens.

Image via Judith Yeoh/SAYS

Medical team's tent at the rally

A woman participant hands out free buns

People were also distributing water bottles

And boxes were placed along the roads for people to throw bottles

After midnight, some were seen trying to bed down for the night while others continued to blare at their vuvuzelas

As it can be seen from these photos here, Bersih 4 supporters of all ages and races were soldiering through the night, sleeping on the streets with their bags and sidewalks as pillows


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