news Launches Donation Fund To Support Severely-Affected Flood Victims aims to donate RM1 million to the flood victims.

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The recent floods have affected several states in Malaysia, severely impacting many people.

In light of the critical situation,, an online auto insurance marketplace, has launched the Bjak Kasih fund, which aims to ease the financial burden of flood victims. Corporate Relations Officer Amierul Nasir said that is not only committed to social responsibility, but also envisions being an advocate to support economically vulnerable groups.

“The massive floods hit several states badly, with water rising above the building roofs at the worst impacted area. While the nation is fighting the COVID-19 pandemic, many people also feel sympathy for the flood victims. Hence, we set up Bjak Kasih to invite Malaysians to donate to the society together,” he said.

Malaysians who would like to help flood victims can contribute to the fund by entering their desired contribution amount when renewing their insurance and road tax via

Bjak will then match every ringgit donated by its customers.

“Our strategy differs in that we hope to help the victims by both donating and encouraging our customers to do so, amplifying the help received by the flood victims,” said Amierul Nasir.

Here's how you can contribute to Bjak Kasih:

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Step 1: Get a quote at

Step 2: Enter contribution amount before check-out

Step 3: Receive insurance policy and donation slip

Bjak Kasih will start on 15 January 2021 and end on 31 January 2021 at 11.59 pm aims to donate RM1 million to the flood victims. The money raised will be channelled to the flood victims by mid-February.

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The incessant rain has caused floods, death, and damage across several states over the past week:

A flood victim shared with SAYS the experiences and difficulties people actually face when going through the disaster: