[PHOTOS] 3-Time Flood Victim Shares What It's Really Like To Live Through The Disaster

Disease, material damage, and break-ins. A man from Sepang reveals the challenges flood victims have to face.

Cover image via @acaiijawe (Twitter)

As massive floods hit different parts of Malaysia, a man took to Twitter to share the truth behind what victims experience when faced with rising water levels

On Monday, 4 January, web developer and part-time photographer Faisal Rahim wrote, "This is something many people may not know when it comes to floods. This is based on my experience having been placed in flood evacuation centres three times."

He then shared a thread of photos and anecdotes about living through the disaster and how people are affected by it.

The thread has since garnered over 12,700 retweets and 10,000 likes.

Faisal explained to SAYS that his village in Sepang has seen multiple floods over the years.

"The last time it happened to us was in 2012," he said.

"Basically, the location of my kampung is in Sepang, Selangor, near the Kuala Langat River. The pictures are from floods in 2009 and 2012."

He added that afterwards, the government built a barrier to separate residents from the river and it has helped prevent major floods from happening again.

"When it rains, sometimes the drain and the river level gets quite high but it has not resulted in a major flood since," he said.

According to Faisal, this is what the situation looks like when an area is hit with a flood:

1. There is a surplus of food supply

"Food is not a big issue," he wrote.

"As a matter of fact, there's a surplus of it and the supply lasts several months. Everyone gives food as aid."

2. The biggest problem victims face is lack of access to clean toilets

He explained, "All toilets are not functional. Toilet bowls are filled with water. You cannot flush because the area around the flood evacuation centre is also flooded."

"Pity the elderly, pregnant mothers, or those with small children. Imagine the situation. Torturous and horrifying."

3. Farmers and rearers of livestock face terrible losses

"I pity farmers and animal rearers the most. There are hundreds of cows and goats, as well as tens of thousands of chickens that need to be relocated to a different place. There are no cages or stables to place them. There's no food either as the grass is underwater. Many animals drown. This doesn't include animals such as chickens, cats, and others that stay one or two weeks on trees without food."

4. Even trees are affected by the flood

"Many trees die," Faisal wrote.

He explained that when water is stagnant, fruit trees, flowers, and even vegetables will drown in the flood.

"My village doesn't have a single durian tree. It's the most manja tree. 100% confirmed that it will die in a flood."

Meanwhile, he noted that palm trees can endure high waters. "A month of a flood, and not a single one dead," he said.

5. A lot of furniture will be damaged

Faisal explained that a lot of household furniture is made out of sawdust. Kitchen cabinets, cupboards, and dining tables will expand when submerged in water, thus ruining them. Even hardwood doors will be damaged and most doors can't even be opened anymore.

"You'll have to repurchase everything," he said.

6. Say goodbye to carpets and rubber mats

Faisal said that in areas that are often hit by floods, they usually use tiles in the entire house because it is easier to clean.

7. Animals that live in the ground will emerge

"Worms will sit on the surface of the ground, they do not appear above water. They're as long as 1m. You'd be scared if you saw them," the man said.

8. Wild animals will climb trees for safety

"Avoid trees," Faisal said.

"All types of wild animals will climb trees to protect themselves. This includes pythons, cobras, monitor lizards, foxes, and more."

9. House break-ins are rampant as people leave their homes unattended

Faisal wrote, "Every time it is flood season, a lot of houses will be broken into. Perpetrators take advantage of vacant houses."

In another tweet, he further clarified, "When we're transferred to the flood evacuation centre, usually we would only bring clothes and identification documents. Everything else we would leave at home. There are a lot of things that could be stolen, despite the fact that water levels would be as high as the waist or chest."

10. Victims would fall sick and contract diseases

"A lot of victims would suffer from skin diseases and diarrhoea for weeks on end."

"Only those who have experienced it can understand how a flood tests you," he said.

"You will be emotionally, physically, and financially affected."

He ends the thread by saying that he hopes all of the areas affected by floods will recover soon.

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