Bomba Rescues Mama Dog & 2 Puppies Locked Inside Car For 6 Hours In SS15

The owner of the vehicle, who had left her dogs in the car, also behaved rudely with the team.

Cover image via SJ Echo (Facebook)

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On Friday, 28 May, SS15 residents had to call local authorities to help rescue a female dog and her two puppies locked inside a car for hours

According to a report by SJ Echo, the three dogs had been left in the locked car from 10am until Subang Jaya district police officers and firemen arrived at the scene by around 4pm yesterday.

The residents called the authorities after fearing for the safety of the dogs in the locked car with two of the side windows partially down in the sweltering heat of almost 33°c.

They noticed that the puppies were in the small kennel on the back seat without food or water.

The team was able to quickly open the car door to rescue the dogs

Following which, they placed some water and food into the vehicle for the female dog.

The dog immediately finished the water and food, according to SJ Echo.

Meanwhile, the officers from the Subang Jaya district police managed to contact the car owner based on its registration number

The owner, who was working at an office nearby, reportedly started arguing with the bomba team for feeding her dogs, claiming that they were sick and that they should not have been fed.

The police officers took down her details and advised her not to leave her dogs next time.

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