Boy In Melaka Found Dead With His Earphones Plugged Into Charging Phone

There were burn marks on his left shoulder where the power bank was kept.

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Friday morning, around 7am, a 48-year-old mother in Melaka who went to wake up her teenage son in his bedroom in Taman Merbok, Bukit Baru, found him dead

According to a report in the New Straits Times, the boy had fallen asleep with his earphones plugged into his mobile that was charging on power bank.

The mother, who is a nurse, used a spare key to unlock the son's bedroom door after not getting any response from him. She found him lying motionless on the bed.

She then lodged a report at the Bukit Baru police station

Upon finding her son dead on his bed, the mother lodged a report at the Bukit Baru police station at 8.10am on Friday, 26 May.

The boy's name was Syamirul Armizie Adenan and he was unemployed.

"The victim had both earphones on and the earphones were connected to a mobile phone, which was plugged to a power bank," State Criminal Investigation Department chief Kamaluddin Kassim was quoted saying so by the New Straits Times.

According to the CID Chief, there were burn marks on the boy's left shoulder where the power bank was placed

Kamaluddin, however, couldn't confirm if the power bank had exploded.

The Melaka police had classified the case as sudden death and have sent his body to the Melaka Hospital for a post-mortem.

Back in March, a woman who was sleeping while wearing a pair of battery-operated headphones in her flight received burns to her face after the headphones exploded mid-flight

According to reports, the woman was on a flight from Beijing to Melbourne.

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